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  1. Hey Guys, I want to invite you to the international blacksmithing meeting HAMMER IN 2017 in Sperberslohe, near Nuremberg - Germany, from July 19. - 23. if you're european or plan to spend the summer in Europe, join us and more than 100 blacksmiths, metalartists, bladesmiths and other awesome guys who love to forge iron ;-) more infos on our homepage: http://hammer-in.de/ and in our facebook-event! and check out our badass video teaser ! greetings from Germany Johannes Postlmayr
  2. hahaha, you guys are soo cool ;-) thanks for the nice words!
  3. nice one, love it! :D I also made one, some time ago. But not so cool, and a little bit smaller! Prost :)
  4. Hi, my name is Johannes, I'm 17 years old and I live in Austria! Currently I visit a secondary technical school for blacksmiths and metallshapers,called "Höhere Technische Lehranstalt - Steyr" I want to show you a little axe i made in February this year, out of self-forged damascus steel. I twisted the steel-package 90° in the middle, so the layers were normal to the eye of the axe, as i chiseled and drifted it, and also the layers were parallel to the blade, as i spread the blade of the axe. It's very important for me, that you know that this a tool and no weapon. And it's also used as a tool, and doesn't lay in the glass case the whole time :D The beech-handle and the leather-sheath is also self made. Hope you like it, please feel free to write what you think about it :) best regards from Austria, Johannes
  5. jpostlma

    Shelf Brackets

    they look really nice, but why did you use screws?! what's about self forged nails?! :)
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