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rr spike practice


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As 'knives' go, spike knives get a lot of knocks against them.  I like making them, though, and the people who ask me to make them like the novelty of them, I think.  It seems Iike I always have a couple of requests in the queue - as soon as I make one, and post pics on The Facebook, another couple of people ask for one.

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I quibble on them being "practice" as the higher grade knife steels forge differently than a spike will.


It will train your hammer control; but if you use the same instincts to forge higher alloys you may end up ruining a

couple of blades before re-training them.  (something that is always a problem switching between Low C and High C)

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Hi I'm new to smithing and just today got to do a rough RR spike knifes hammered out. It was more work than you guys make it look. I just really like how you guys created something with them. Mine don't look that great now. But I'm hoping I can clean them up and make it work by the time I'm done with them. I just got my railroad track yesterday for my anvil and still working on tongs, so I know once I get better gear it will make it a little easier to work. I built my forge from a BBQ grill and shop vac. I find it takes a lot to keep heat even it seems . I'd like to try propane seems like a less mess with it. But until I can buy one I will keep learning with the small amount I have. I've been reading and watching all I can online about black smithing . I hope to meet one and learn more. Anyone know of one in the Bakersfield California area. I will be learning from all of you guys and just want to say thanks a head of time for giving guys a place to go for tips and help.

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Jordan be careful trying to blacksmith without tongs, hot metal flying up in the air is no joke. You can buy a cheap set of tongs off eBay or order quick tong banks real cheap. Pliers and vice grips will get you burned I I have scars to prove it. Real tongs are awesome, grip so hard with no effort.

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Hi Momatt

They are fun to play with this on i put a small T spine on clayed up 

and water hardened light harmon file scated off edge so they may have used

what ever steel they had anyway brass wire wrap handle, bit of scratching and a couple of gems inlayed .

keep  hammering






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