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Fake Candle Help ? Supplier

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I am working on a design for a wall sconce elec candle, witch will have an elec light in the candle

Now my ? is, can anyone out there point me to a supplier of fake candle's ??
IE -- there some kind of plastic tube form, that looks like a real wax candle that you can put over a small elec bulb, this candle piece then give's you the effect of a burning candle with out the fire problem

Or does anyone know how to make such a thing ?? or something I haven't thought of yet ??
that would work - A real lighted candle is a NO GO cause of kids & possible fire danger

I have seen these in store's elsewhere but I don't know what there called to run a search for ?

Thanks Steve

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I have used candleabra lamp sockets inside 3/4" pipe. The "cardboard" tube insulation that came with it, fit right inside. Just make sure they are well insulated as they are not UL aproved as made, even if the socket was UL aproved. I checked with our local electrical inspector and as long as they are not permanently wired into the house it's ok. Your insurance company may not agree though! Then you have a selection of bulbs to pick from.

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