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  1. I don't agree with people dogging flux-core, skyscrapers and bridges are built using it. I can lay down just as good of beads with flux core as I can with mig (just more spatter). That said I mostly run shielding gas but I keep a roll of flux core around when im in a bind. Also a stick welder is very versatile, I keep a wide variety of rods around pluses a lot of machines can be set up for tig.
  2. I second the pancake, that's what they're made for.
  3. That unfortunately would make an elliptical shape. Cutting the v wedges out does work. I use to make cones out of two inch pipe to slide over anchor bolts. Sort of acted like a spud bar when setting the power poles. That said I worked with two inch pipe which was cake compared to what you want to do. Use a rosebud to bend em in. Its a doable project. Hope you have a good grinder.
  4. I really like that sphere, not to hijack but could you describe how you made it.
  5. I looked into it, its very expensive (was told up to $1000) especially for one off light fixtures. If you're planning on mass producing it maybe worth while.
  6. Bronwells, sur-fin and google are good starts for metal bluing/patinas.
  7. When I sand blasted we used medium grade black beauty. Gets the work done fast. I also liked to stack all the railings, the overspray does a lot of the work for you. I couldn't stand wearing that space suit.
  8. Ph down pool cleaner will make it shiny as a new penny. Mix with very hot water.
  9. Looks like an outrigger to me but a lot heavier.
  10. That is really cool, I'm blown away, not ideal but good in a pinch. I may try to find one of those electrode holders. I remember asking one of my welding instructors about carbon arc welding and he said it was sort of like tig welding and I'll probably never see it done anymore.I didn't know about the two rod method. Are the electrodes consumed at the same rate as the gouging operation or less.
  11. My Dad lived in his warehouse in east Oakland right next to the Mothers Cookies factory. I hated that smell. I hope your neighborhood is better than his was (one block off east 14th)
  12. If you got near mint edges you should use them. The low-hy rods you mentioned are good I've used them a lot but i dont think you're gonna get what you want out of them. As for the T-shirts you're wasting your time, I actually chuckled when I read it.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but preheating is to increase the HAZ and slow the cooling process, why would you want to speed up the cooling?
  14. It sounds like you're trying to light it like a cutting torch. When lighting the rosebud crank the acetelyn on the torch first until it burns free of soot then start adding oxygen.
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