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Show me your sketches

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fierey i love your drawings! they are clear and beautiful, and very pleasing in their own right. i will get some drawings and photos sorted, i would love to see everyones working drawings too.... good idea glenn -_-

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those look really nice Dave i love the candle holder especially, but al of it is very nice.
thanks for showing

I dont really do much drawing just sorta work it out when working or just imaginative drawings in my head to work from, would really like to be able to draw tho :-/

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The stool is my first......not much but an idea! Never did it though.

The sign bracket is a "one-of-these0days" sort of things...but with all the work to be done around here still, I don't get a whole lot of "extra forge time."

The one below the sign bracket, is one side of a wood crib for out hearth. I drew that for the Clay Spencer traditional joinery class last year. I forgot to pack some peices though I couldn't make it. This year, I am redesigning the project, but I will keep the center piece. Mr. Clay's class is in November. I will post pictures when I get done drawing it.

I'm not an artist, I've never had any lessons, but I'm learning. I drew my first free-hand scrolls the other day. On thing I do find is that if you know how to make the metal into the shape you want, it is easier to draw that shape.

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