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How I made my wife happy

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Nine years in our home and my wife has never been able to park her car in the garage, not even after we built a shop building. Returning from Afdghanistan as a contractor, I had plenty of time so I set a priority of getting the shop organized and moving everything out of the garage. Three weeks later and a lot of sweat equity, she is one happy wife..."happy wife..happy life" To squeze everything in, I built a new work bench with drawers and another bench for the grinders and sanders. I concentrated on work flow to determine what to put where. That and everything having a place has probably increased my time efficiency by 15% or more...Well worth the investment...



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Now now gentlemen, he just finished getting things 'organized' give it a few weeks to get back to normal. I clean my shop at least twice a year, sort of the broken clock theory, only on an annual basis. :lol:

Keith, I applaud your motivation. Not to get the shop organized, any fool can avoid work with that excuse, but to make the wife happy. "happy wife..happy life" indeed and I bet this will soften her up for your next large tool purchase too. B)

Who spends less time in the shop than I'd like, but most of that is keeping my Wife and Daughter happy and its all worth it. :rolleyes:

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In the spirit of full disclosure, on a regular basis I ask Denise to come out to the shop and help me find a tool or part that I have lost in the chaos that is the general mess I work in. She continually reminds me that if I put things away, i could find it myself. LOL As soon as I'm done babysiting the 3 year old granddaughter, I will work hard to return the shop to its normal state....PS Daughter won't let the grandchild get dirty...Hope there is a grandson next time...

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I used to take my daughters to play in the creek and gave them all toolkits. I've started picking up tools at the fleamarket for the grandkids so they will have real tools to lose, abuse and get rusty! When they start wanting *new* high dollar tools I'll probably be gone...

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