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  1. I got to see the new Pappa Rhino's at the NWBA Spring conference this last weekend and they are deffinitely on my wish list. Steve brought them and did work on them all weekend, plus a spare to let us try them out. Good ring and great rebound. Now, I just gotta figure out a way to raise the funds. Maybe a kickstarter campaign. :D Regards, Tim
  2. I think the quote that killed the show for me (I watched it again last night before deleting it) was describing Uri's hammer as weighing ten pounds. I knew at that point that it was mostly fluff and not blacksmithing for the two hours. I'm with John McPherson, Meh.
  3. So, did anyone else see this History Channel show last weekend? I happened across it and it shows Jesse James of Custom Motorcycle fame going to to Israel to study blacksmithing with Uri Hofi then come home to Texas to build a custom bike from an old Midge Racer motor. I DVR'd it, only lost a few minutes at the beginning. I did find this video of Jesse in his smithy making a bottle opener for a news lady: http://abcnews.go.com/Nightline/video/jesse-james-blacksmith-13522615 but I can't find the any video of the show itself. Regards, Tim
  4. I have a formula a friend posted to You Tube about. Its 2 parts Beeswax, 2 parts turpentine and one part boiled linseed oil. Here's the video: Beeswax Coating for Metalsmiths I use an old crock pot myself as it is easily self contained and keep it in a tin I got from Goodwill. Regards, Tim
  5. I don't know what I could do with the digital stuff from the control panel. All I really need is the speed control and a little time making a wooden case for it, any suggestions? :D
  6. Today, I went to pick up a free working treadmill I found on Craigslist. Being older, I plan on eventually cannibalising it for the motor and speed control on a 2x72 knife grinder. While I was there, I found they had been cleaning out their shop getting ready to move and there was a treasure trove of other things they gave me as well. Treadmill Splitting maul Axe two splitting wedges Pick head Three Fire Extinguishers (two that work and the third that might be rechargable) A small table saw with a broken table (the motor is still good.) A campfire cooking set (toasting fork, stand and pot rest) a big heavy-duty bench vise an iron casting ladle a cast-iron griddle a cast iron casserole dish (?) I've never seen one of these before A large saw blade a small bullet level various small blocks of mild steel (I think) and a short chunck of 2”x4” tubing a cherry stair tread and another block of cherry.
  7. Those are really nice Dave. :D
  8. That is so cool. You are right, why didn't we think of this before? :blink:
  9. Now now gentlemen, he just finished getting things 'organized' give it a few weeks to get back to normal. I clean my shop at least twice a year, sort of the broken clock theory, only on an annual basis. Keith, I applaud your motivation. Not to get the shop organized, any fool can avoid work with that excuse, but to make the wife happy. "happy wife..happy life" indeed and I bet this will soften her up for your next large tool purchase too. Regards, Tim Who spends less time in the shop than I'd like, but most of that is keeping my Wife and Daughter happy and its all worth it. :rolleyes:
  10. Well, you could consider that copper and brass an investment now, My slab of Brass was $3.00/lb. and one of the guys there said it had come down. You could watch the prices and reap a windfall while cleaning out the shop some. Regards, Tim P.S. - Or you could ship some of it to me, I particularly want a thick plate of copper as a cushion when using a hot cut. :D
  11. Ganman, Another good piece of advise that I haven't see here yet is to tell everybody you know that you are getting into Blacksmithing. Don't ask for stuff, necessarily, just let them know how enthused you are to be doing this and it will amaze you how quickly things will fall out of barns on your front step, or somebody's Grandfather was a smith and there might be some tools in the barn you could have or buy cheap. Also, and this is a help to many of us, go edit your profile to show at least the town and province you are in. It could lead to meeting other blacksmiths in your area who can help a great deal. Regards, Tim
  12. Went to the local scrap/metal dealer this weekend. I picked up a couple 20' sticks of round stock 3/8" & 1/2", a 24" length of 1" square for hardy tools and they had a slab of surplus brass just over 1/4" thick that weighs 13 lbs. I don't think I'll be needing knife furniture metal any time soon. It should work really well for many different applications. Regards, Tim
  13. Unforgivun, Nothing to knock, I started with less and my second anvil was very similar. Now I have a 100# Fisher and I'm happy as can be, but I did a lot of good work with the previous anvils. Keep at it and know that now, you can be patient for a traditional anvil. Regards, Tim
  14. I won't tease you about your anvil, many people have started with worse, including me. Work with what you got is one way to put it. I will tease you about that dog looking like "What are you pointing that thing at me for?" kind of look. Regards, Tim
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