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  1. What about a vise-grip or a C-clamp and save some time and enregy?
  2. Woody, Good luck on your back surgery. Been there, done that, got the shirt. Lee and I hope it goes well for you. Let us know. How does the DABA coal compare to Eisenbraun's? I've burned 80 lbs or so of their coal and while it seems to make lots of heat, it has quite a bit of what I take to be sulphur in it. I have forty lbs left and will be needing some more soon. Take care, hi to Jackie and Merry Christmas. Bill
  3. BTL You will need to use it "semi-periodically" (a completely meaningless term I found most amusing during my years in the Army.) You will notice the fire begin to slow and become less resposive to the blower. That's the time to wiggle or rotate the clinker breaker. It won't take much unless there is a really big booger down there. Don't forget the ash dump. That will also need semi-periodic attention. Bill
  4. You may want to think about checking with them before you fire up any kind of forge in your garage. What they don't know can hurt you if something does happen from an unlisted or unapproved heat source. They should have no problem with it if the installation meets your fire code. Having the local fire inspector check things out ahead of time and approving the installation could make the difference between having insurance coverage or not having it in case of an unintended fire. Just a thought. Bill
  5. A clean desk (smithy/shop) is a sign of a sick mind. Bill
  6. FWIW the Salt Fork Craftsmen Artist-Blacksmith Association of Oklahoma (I am not a member and have no relationship with them) advertises a swage block for $80 for members and $100 for non members. They are relatively small - 8" x 12" and 65 lbs. I have seen a few reviews with good things to say about them. They aren't the large industrial size but they aren't $400 and up either. Bill
  7. Most of us here in Wyoming know rattlers too, but one thing I have found over the years is that even people who have never heard the sounds before have no trouble recognizing either the sound of a rattler or the sound of a twelve gauge shotgun shell being pumped into the chamber. It gets their attention right away.
  8. A Smith and Wesson beats four aces.
  9. It's good to see this thread resurrected. These are all good, as I like to call them, "Rules of Life". A few of my favorites are: 1. my signature 2. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. 3. If it's worth fighting for it's worth fighting dirty for, and 4. its corollary from my CQB (close quarters battle) instructor: Never open up a half a can of whupass. Bill
  10. Yeah - probably not more than about knuckle deep.
  11. Try bag balm. Dairy farmers use it on their milk cows. There are probably several brands but any of them should work. You can find it at your local farm and ranch supply. It's inexpensive and a little goes a long way. If you check the ingredients you'll find it's pretty much the same stuff that sells for a whole lot more at the pharmacies. Put a good amount on your hand(s) at night and cover them with light fabric gloves or even a sock. You should see results pretty quickly. It sounds a bit goofy but several of our local doctors recommend it and I know it has worked for me. Even if it doesn't it's a lot like chicken soup - it can't hurt. Good luck and a Happy New Year to all. Bill
  12. It's been a long time since I've sent film off for developing. But IIRC it wouldn't take too many of those to pay for a modest but effective digital camera. Hope things are going well in the basin country. Bill
  13. Which are promptly eaten by spotted owls. There's always a trade-off. Bill
  14. Well done! And thoughtful. They will like it and I'll bet you won't have to pay much for coffee for awhile. Bill
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