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Well I got me an anvil now!

After about three months of random searching I got this anvil. Including travel expenses to pick it up it cost about $1.79 per pound. However, I combined the trip with one to a friend so not counting trip expenses, I gave $1.40 per pound.

If you know what the make and date of this anvil is, please let me know.
There are no markings excepting a "30" on one of the feet. If the horn is facing to the right, the "30" is on the foot closest to you on the right.

The dimensions are as follows:

Rebound is about 91%. I dropped my 2.5# cross peen hammer from 12 inches and this anvil bounced it back up to 11 inches.

It weighs an even 280#'s a good 40#'s larger than I had expected. It's a rascal to move!






So what is your opinion!

BTW I no longer have 24-7 internet access at our house so I can only check internet once or twice a week.

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You have a FISHER anvil. Stated weight of 300, but this was subject to +/- about 10%. Your anvil looks to be in decent shape. A few edge chips of no consequence. If there is a date, it would be under the heel. Not all Fishers were dated, especially ones made in the 50s and 60s by the Crossley era. Does it say Fisher on the front base under the horn. If no Fisher, it was probably made in the Crossley era, but it is still a Fisher. Need more information, ask away.

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Top quality anvil in very good condition in a great size for that price? Outstanding purchase. Well done. May be the only anvil you ever need. (Not want, need.) Folks who say they can't find an anvil should read the posts regarding Dave's search for a clue.

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Thanks all! I thought maybe a hay budden but that was a very wild guess! A Fisher huh! Well I do like the absents of a ring. Ring is nice for a demo anvil; draws a croud, but if I wanted to listen to that ring on an every day basis......uh I'd get a job in a church tower.

Like I said I have limited access to internet so this is the first time I've been online since I posted!

Thanks and I'll post pictures when I get to use it!
I am working on building a shop and should be pouring the pad in a week or two! I'll start a thread on that soon!

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You're going to like that Fisher a lot. So who you going to will it to, you do know they last a long time? :blink:

I'm available to be listed on someone's will. Not to mention my kids are interested in smithing as well so if you out live me....it can be passed on.

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Well I've actually got to use it some! As you can imagine, it works great! Had a friend over yesterday and we did some striking on it.

Let's see.....well if I kick off anytime soon I suppose my friend will get it! He's got "big anvil envy!" LOL However, he doesn't envy lugging it around!


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