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Hand hammered basket weave damascus!!!

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You should be stoked - that's fantastic.
When I started blacksmithing as a hobby I wasn't attracted to blade work. However the more incredible work I see on this sight from you guys the more encouraged I am to have a go at it.
I would love to see a brief commentary of how you did this.

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so - let me get this right, you did not make that by using a can or a press? That is really neat! I am biased against the poweder/can type of damascus. Don't really know why, I just am.

But - what you made is really cool. I mistakenly thought that you pretty much had to use a can to do that. Live and learn. Very good work. Please show us the final blade, too.


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thanks everyone I had an awesome time making this one!
Kevin- i wish i had a press! it would really allow me to do some next level patterns. No can either i havent used one yet, but im sure i will since im still very new to this( this is my 4th billet) and am very willing to try new techniques. you guys would proly laugh if you saw how i made some of those welds without one though. :)
dad and i saw a few guys basket weave pattern that were incredible(made with a press of course) but we looked at each other and both were thinking the same thing, LETS GO FOR IT!!! Bruce Bump gives a great example on knifedogs

Also i heard that this is considered mosaic damascus, what do you guys know about that?

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