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  1. A knife to suit the owner.. its great to know the knife you make will be truly cherished!
  2. hey, looks like it's gonna be a nice knife. I am curious as to why you want sharpened false edge on the knife, what purpose will it serve? Will it be sharpened at a different angle to the main edge? Can't wait to see how it looks finished. Karl
  3. Karl

    Cake slice

    Very impressed! what a fantastic use of a RR spike. did you just use a hot chisel to do the handle pattern?
  4. Karl

    knife steel?

    Do you have a photo? they could be a decking spike...
  5. :) Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.
  6. Hey everyone. I recently made this knife for a friend and gave it to him for his 21st birthday. It's made from a coil spring with a flat ground blade just under 6 inches. the guard is bronze, the handle is hardwood with leather and antler spacers, and a brass tube and antler pin. I'd love to hear what you guys think about it.
  7. It turned out to be a very nice knife. good job mate!
  8. Very nice blade, can't wait to see it finished. has it got a sharpened false edge or was that just from the light in the photo?
  9. It may not be fancy but it's still well made, and quality is beauty. I'd personally love to have a knife like this one in my collection. And the best thing about it is that you'll never be afraid to use it. Thanks, Karl.
  10. Really?! that's awesome. I will definitely have to take you up on that offer, though, after seeing some of your work i think i'll learn alot more from you than you will from me :)
  11. Karl

    Buffalo & Brass

    Well done on this one thats a knife i'd love to have in my collection. It looks like it just wants to be used. with a good sheath it would be perfect. I'm sure your dad will love it mate
  12. haha yeah i'm an Aussie, This is the best country to live in! I've never been to townsville tho, i will have to sometime
  13. Well the monkey tree is a type of pine isnt it, or perhaps related to pine trees? so if i am right i reckon that once the timber had been seasoned and stabilised and all that it would make a very beautiful knife handle. if it was me i'd be grabbing some of that tree anyway, you never know what u will need it for down the track. happy salvaging
  14. A very nice knife! and interesting colours too, what metals did you use?
  15. Hi, Firstly i'd like to say that i really like what you've done, with both knives. I'm very impressed. But i'm also a bit naive when it comes to forge welding and the like, and very keen to learn. So could someone explain to me what's that darker line near the edge, and why dean should be nervous about it?