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    New to metal work. I collect, restore and (most importantly) use vintage cast iron cookware. Also enjoy working with stained glass and carving soapstone.

    My two kids take up a lot of my free time, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


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    St Thomas, Ontario CANADA
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    Married with kids... not much spare time...lol!
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    Cast iron cookware... using it and collecting! BBQ, Beer, camping... that'll do it for now.
  1. Very, very nice! I've been looking for an idea for a shelf in my kitchen... think I just found one! Awesome!
  2. I have the two burner blacksmith model and love it. Go with the larger tank for sure though. I use a 60 lb and it will still freeze up when getting near empty. I recently had a small issue with my forge and Dennis was kind enough to replace the entire shell at no charge. A good guy who stands behind his products.
  3. Found this Dake benchtop screwpress in the back of my van when I got home today. I'll never tell how it got there...lol! It's tiny... only 21" across. Model P 10 according to the manufacturer plate. Not sure what I'll do with it but I'm bound to find something.
  4. Paul42`


    These are great! Would love to see how you made them.
  5. I don't really pay a lot of attention to my anvil's appearance, but I have used this stuff on other things to prevent rust... Just use it on the sides though... wouldn't want to breath in the fumes when hot steel comes in contact.
  6. Here's a few tutorials on the electrolysis "how-to". ELECTROLYSIS
  7. You'll still need a large bath, but I'd go with electrolysis. You won't get it cleaner or lose any material and it's cheap.
  8. I really have no idea what to say except that I am sincerely sorry for what you and your wife are going through. I can't even imagine what I would do in your place. I still believe that there are more good people than bad out there, but the laws do need to be changed for those bad ones. Wishing you somehow find peace of mind through all of this.
  9. That's a slick design! Thanks for posting. :)
  10. Found this one locally... the table is 24"x30.5" and is super HEAVY! Top is 1" cast iron and I was told it came from a newspaper printing room.
  11. Now that is slick! When can I place an order??? :)
  12. Thanks Bob... just signed-up over there & waiting for my confirmation email. Just what I needed... another web forum to spend time at! I thought about using the bottom for dishing, but also thought it might make an interesting bell too. The bottom divot has some stamped numbers and letters in it, that I'd have to grind out first though. Guess I'll finish the first bell before starting another...lol! :)
  13. Thanks Phil... that's kinda what I suspected. I'll post more as things progress. BTW... I fixed the link... I think! :blink:
  14. Ok... so I have this old compressed gas cylinder and am going to make a large bell out of it. I was careful to make sure it was empty, removed the valve, rinsed with water a few time and then cut it in half without blowing myself or anyone else up. It has a fantastic tone that lasts and lasts when struck with a hammer. Here's my question.... I want to use my stick welder ('cause that's all I have) to make some funky lines and patterns on the outside of the bell. I am wondering if doing this will affect or change the current tone of the bell itself? I really, really love how it sounds now and don't want to mess that up. I also came across some editing software I didn't know I had, so I made a one minute video of me cutting the tank... you know, just in case I was posthumously nominated for the Darwin awards! Cutting the Tank!
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