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  1. Just kidding, got time to a squeeze in a reaaal quick post. Most of what I did recently was kitchen knives. Included an unfinished blank with the next photo showing my basic grip (no tongs because one hand for the camera!). Side views of my grip: I change grips when raising (not swinging down, that has the same grip as above) a hammer that's more than 2lbs: Sorry I know that's a lot of uncropped photos. I resized them as quickly as I could. Going on a trip. The hammer used wasn't this hammer in the grip photos. T
  2. I won't be able to follow up until mid next week, but I'll be sure to do so.
  3. Glenn, I think you're right that I am rough on my hammers due to poor technique. I am actively working to improve my form. I can almost control a 2lb hammer these days without gripping it. But this hammer head was loose from the moment I put that handle on, so I think this was a case of poor assembly on my part rather than abuse. I will still follow your suggestion! BillyBones, it's possible but the last few weeks my swing been not bad accuracy-wise. I did let a friend use the hammer though, and he was all over the place. Snapped my punch rack off the anvil stand with a miss . Best I coul
  4. Guess what I broke this time! Another handle I made last year from the same concrete tamper! Who'da thunk! Cracked start all the way inside the eye, followed the grain, and split the handle. I may not be doing too well in the forging department but I'm getting really good at making wooden shivs Going to start seriously looking for material after Thanksgiving.
  5. I'm familiar with the combustion risks for linseed oil soaked rags. Made that mistake once with lacquer thinner when I worked for a GC right out of high school. I was mostly bummed about oil finishing just because it takes forever and a half, no other reason. I did not know that about King Tut! That's pretty cool. Glenn and BillyBones, I'm really starting to appreciate the value in the time and hassle savings. Thank you both.
  6. That sunflower hanger looks really good. Corkscrew, take 2 over here. At least this time it's right tighty and there's no cracks. I'm gonna start again to get a more uniform twist and a more leaf-y leaf. Need more practice. I'd like to get the screw more uniform but I'm running out of tricks to do so. I've been using a chisel to try and pry the turns to the right spacing, but then I wind up with some turns steeper than others. I may just need to go at it with some good pliers this time.
  7. Thomas, I hadn't thought of it that way before. I'll definitely get in touch with the tree services folks. Thanks! What do you do as far as drying? Last thing I want is to feel a creepy crawly on my hammer hand I asked around and all the city's ash trees got taken out recently because the emerald ash borer came to town. If the city wasn't in shambles because of covid I would head to the municipal landfills and see what I could scrounge. Definitely something I'll keep an eye out for in the future. BillyBones, I keep hearing people highly recommend these round steel wedges but I can't find
  8. Thanks all for the replies, learned a bunch. So, from the sounds of things, I need to get my hands on some better materials, for starters. Irondragon, baseball bats were a great idea but I checked the old craigslist in my area and everyone's got aluminum bats, and I don't think there are going to be many yard sales what with 1 in 10 people having the rona around here. Maybe when it gets warmer I can try that. I do have an old maul, might chop that up if I have no better options. I checked my wood scraps and the only pieces I have big enough for handles are brittle hardwoods with flaws. I
  9. So this is the third time this year I've snapped this hammer's handle. I'm very much a weekend forger, and the longest time I've had between snappage was probably about 10 forging sessions of a few hours each. It's my favorite hammer head at the 16oz size so I'd like to get this right. I'm gonna give you all the details if any of you feel inclined to post-mortem where I went astray. First break: For the handle, I took a concrete tamper and cut a chunk off the handle. It was labeled as and ash handle, but who knows. I cut a slot for a wooden wedge on the band saw, drove a wooden wedge an
  10. Yes on the linseed, yes on wooden wedges (I had both wooden and metal in there, metal on a diagonal), and yes on homemade handles (all ash). I didn't let it set for a week, but the wedge didn't back out the whole section in the eye snapped off cleanly. I didn't use glue because I used the linseed also on the wedge, hoping that once it hardened it would be like a glue and keep water out. I'm gonna go head and start a new thread about the hammer woes rather than dilute the awesome work showing up here. Really inspiring stuff, as always, Alexandr!
  11. 58er those are stunning. I like the compass too. Nice work! I shimmed and glued my anvil stand back together for the short run. Finished the twisty bit of a corkscrew, but I made it a lefty tighty by mistake. Also it's got some big cracks from cold forging. Seems like I spaced out at the anvil. I busted that same hammer again, for the 3rd time. Is there a rule of thumb for how big the metal wedge should be for a given eye size?
  12. Fixed a lot of stuff the last few days, and finished the first of three paring knives for christmas gifts. Wish I had dyed this piece of oak before staining it, but oh well, next time. Should age well. Now I've gotta fix a lot more stuff! It's funny you should say that because guess what I broke next I got what I deserved for using pine boards with no corner brackets in an anvil stand. Next one is gonna be oak and steel! This should last long enough for Christmas stuff though.
  13. I got back at the forge for the first time in a long time this week. Trying to spend a little time forging each day. Today, I made two halves out of a hammer! In all seriousness, nothing worth writing home about yet. Just getting the feel back.
  14. Helena, glad to hear your surgery went well! That leaf is awesome! I got a little time forging last week. I made my first karambit out of some leftover 1095 last week (it's pretty rough). I could've done a better job with the grinding, scales, and finish, but I didn't try too hard because the blade is cracked from me experimenting with an interrupted water quench. Overall, it's far from a good blade but it was a fun project and I'm satisfied. I got my hands on some mild steel 1/2" round rod, so I've been practicing leaves the last few days.
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