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  1. Canadian prices seem to be completely uncoupled with the US market for these things. if it is in perfect working condition, you can expect to pay 100 - 150 Canadian. if it has a stand included, add another 50. without pics, too hard to be more accurate. That being said, there are a ton of postings, especially in Ontario, that are so over priced, it is ridiculous. some people wanting 300 - 400 for something that is seized etc. I would find it laughable if it was not so rampant. I have even seen anvil shaped objects and old vintage anvils with the face completely delaminated posted for 9-10 bucks a pound. sometimes Canada really sucks. This is one of those times.
  2. Here's mine. Finished it yesterday. I know it isn't the most basic but it is what I have.
  3. great tip!! And I will take as many as I can get. this is the first time I have set up a proper (and I use the term loosely) smithy. still not sure if the blower should be on the table like it is, or if I should build a stand for it. as for hammers, I have seen some people with racks right on the stump, but am unsure if they would get in the way there. all trial and error at this point. I do plan on using that rack for tongs. once i actually have a few sets. that is the first order of business next weekend. starting from scratch as the tongs I was using previous were on loan from a smith friend of mine. will have to make a few sets pronto.
  4. Hey PapaDooks, I have a bunch of left over 12 ga that is am going to make into a long narrow tray a couple inched deep that hooks on the front lip of the table for keeping my tongs/punches/hardy that are in active use for the project. it will be of a size that i can remove it and hook it on behind the hood if for some reason it is in the way or otherwise annoying me. good idea though about the pegs. might have to make a few of them in the same style so I can move things around as i figure out where the best place for things are...
  5. Thanks Frosty!! I must admit it was not the cheapest build. Probably around $500 Canadian pesos. Will post some more pics following the first firing. She blows air now, but we will see how well she chooches. Wish I had time to test it tonight but alas dad duties call. Here are the promised final pics of the install. And details below Table: 3/16 plate 36 x 48 Firepot : 8 x 8 x 3.5 inches deep from 1/4 hot rolled steel Hand made tuyere from random box tube and such. Custom pineapple twist handle on the ashdump cut off my first rr spike project. Thompson blower: vintage 1900 ish. (Canadian equivalent to a buffalo I hear) Super sucker side draft hood made from 12 GA sheet metal. All put together with a crappy tire (harbor freight type) Mastercraft 80amp Flux core welder. This was my first time welding. I probably could have started with an easier project but hey it works! Added a tool rack at the end for my hammers and tongs. Will probably put another one on the opposite end as well. All that is left to do is drop the sheetmetal in for the cooling rack below the table . Minor detail. Please do let me know what you all think. And thanks for the opportunity to share!
  6. hey all, been a while since the last update. getting very close now. was out sick for the better part of 2 weeks, and then was away for work. I have about 3 or so hours left on getting this project done. since the last update I built a super sucker style hood. and added it on. this is the only picture i have at the moment but will add a few more once the blower stand is done next week. thanks for hanging in there. It is installed on a less than ideal 6" pipe (20f t tall) , but I will have you know that surprisingly it draws. I too am a little baffled about it, but perhaps the height and the fact that the nearest obstacle from the windward side is over 100 yrds away plays into it. Will be nice to get this project done and actually burn some coal. been a long time.
  7. It is such a great feeling to build one. If you want any advice let me know!
  8. Been a couple weeks. Down with the flu last weekend so I was not able to work. Got some done yesterday though. Firepot in and tuyere built. Clinkerbreaker is in and the ash dump. So I just need a paint job on the tuyere and legs of the table and she is done!! Going to make and modified sidesucker hood next and we will have irons in the fire!! So excited to see that this is coming together! One decision yet to make is for the blower stand. Don't know if I should make a bracket that hooks right onto the forge table, or make it stand alone beside the forge. Any input is appreciated.
  9. Some progress today. Got the firepot half welded together and the tuyere built. Only in the shop for a couple hours today. Hopefully will get the rest of the firepot ash dump and clinker breaker done tomorrow and get the hole cut in the table for it. Firepot is 4" square on the bottom, 8" square on the top and 3.5 inches deep. 2" air hole.
  10. Hi millhand, yeah I was planning on adding crossbracing around the firepot hole. I am still undecided if I want to center the hole or if it should be closer to the nearside of the forge which is why I have not put them in yet. As well I haven't confirmed the firepot size. I was thinking 8" ×8" and 3.5" deep but I am wondering if that is too deep. I have seen a lot of homemade firepot being rectangular so the other option is to go 8"x10" but that is getting pretty big
  11. Greetings all, been a lurker for 3 years now, finally decided to make an account and join the discussion. Been running a really small what I like to call a Franken forge for 3 years. Basically an old charcoal bbq converted to a forge with a hair dryer to make the whole thing chooch. It worked alright for a while. Pretty right? Well it is time to say adieu to the Franken forge. She served me well while I lived in the city. New job finds me back in my hometown, on 15 acres and lots of room to play! So I got the go ahead from my beautiful lady to get all set up! And here we go. Will post pics as I get progress done. Day 1 had me really not knowing what the heck I was doing. Bought a bunch of metal at the metal supermarket in the city and decided it was time to put it to use. Cut all the pieces for putting it all together. The table that is. Doesn't look like much yet right? Here is the space I can call my own with a bunch of metal on my makers table. Day 2 ended with something that resembled a table top. Got my feet wet with welding. Never done that before. I don't think I will ever call myself a welder, but I can make metal stick together. And that brings us to today. Only able to be out in the shop for 3 hours today as we are in the middle of demolition on the basement and that is apparently the priority. Lol oh well, more welding and have a decent table now. Next will be to build the firepot, cut a hole in the table to insert it, build the tuyere with clinkerbreaker and build a side draft hood, then a mounting bracket for my vintage Thompson hand crank blower. Another month or so and I will have a nice little forge. Here are some details for you all Table built with 1.5 x 1.5 angle iron 36 x 48" total size Table plate is 1/8" lower shelf on the left not yet put in but will be 12 ga. For projects to cool on. If it looks a little backwards to some of you i'm a south paw so it will all be set up for a lefty. I added an extra 1.5" on 2 sides of the table so I can have a little extra coal on the bench.
  12. I am also interested in the tool making aspect of blacksmithing. Haven't taken any courses yet but I am building a brand new coal forge. Will post it all with pictures soon as it is done. Been using an old charcoal bbq as a forge for 3 years now. You will learn a lot from Shawn. Just talking to him for a half hour when I picked up my hammer from him upped my game drastically. Can't even imagine what a weekend course would do.
  13. Shawn Cunningham is a great blacksmith. I have bought one of his rounding hammers. Top notch work.
  14. Lol, at least a few of you old timers have a sense of humor. It really is one of those things you never stop learning. I can assume that there are some of you that have probably forgotten more about blacksmithing than I will ever know as a hobbyist. My response was tongue-in-cheek. I just feel that I will be a blacksmith when people start calling me one. you just never really know until you get there you eh?
  15. Welcome! I am a couple hours north east of you. Setting up a small smithy with a coal forge. What sort of blacksmithing are you in to?