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  1. New coal forge build in progress

    Well first of all, I am really flattered that you want to build a forge like mine! Here is an update after using this forge for 4 months or so... Still have the blower on the right. It is nice to give the left arm a break while I am cranking with the right. I use sub-bitumous coal so it stays well lit even without the air going. Have about 1200 lbs of it so i am not needing to buy coal for a long while. Klinkers are annoying but a fact of life and I have learned to deal with them. The only thing I plan on doing with this forge is to upgrade the firepot. 1/4 inch is a little thin for my liking and at 3.5 inches deep I find it a little too deep. Will be replacing it this winter probably with either 3/8" or 1/2" and make it only 2.5 inches deep. I find the 8"x8" geometry about perfect for the work I do which is tool making. I only need to hear 4-6 inches at a time with being all manual on the hammer anyhow. The 6" pipe for the chimney has not been a problem. Even at 85F in the summer it draws fairly well. I will remind you that I have an ideal situation though. 15ft straight up and no buildings in the area to cause turbulence. When I build my new smithy it will be upgraded to a 10" flue. Other than that I am happier than a pig in s#!t with this set-up. Hope to see your build in the near future. I am really looking forward to it! Thanks for the interest!
  2. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    I use mild steel only. Save the coil springs for punches!
  3. What Did You do in the Shop Today?

    Made a set of box jaw bolt tongs with welded reins. No forge welding yet. Just flux core it. Ugly but functional. Only the 2nd set of tongs I ever made. Will work for now. Trying to get the curves symmetrical is hard!!! All in the learning process.
  4. Met a fellow today. Had an anvil sitting out in the rain. It's used frequently but kinda sad to see it all rusty. Gave it a good look over. Can't tell the make outright. Maybe you fellers can help. No other markings on it but what's on the pic. Bottom is flat. And I mean almost machined type flat. One handling hole in the bottom. Handling holes in the waist. No markings about the feet. Any ideas gents? 125lbs. Verified by picking it up. Not a Trenton. The diamond has a W in it
  5. New coal forge build in progress

    Point taken! Looks like I'll be moving the blower to the other side! Always glad to have you curmudgeons around. Your small notes and observations are worth their weight in gold.
  6. New coal forge build in progress

    That was my thinking as well. The blower isn't attached. The bracket can be moved to the other side, but I was concerned with the lopsidedness as most of the work would be on the left side. The more you know...
  7. New coal forge build in progress

    Do you also bolt it down? Or is the Silicon caulk enough to hold it by itself?? And do you just put it on the bottom? Or run a bead all around the outside as well? It is an interesting idea indeed.
  8. New coal forge build in progress

    I have been tossing around ideas for holding down the anvil. I am thinking just some flat bar with a couple holes punched and lag bolts. Pics don't show it but I have magnets on the front side of the anvil which deaden the ring quite well. Those buckworth anvils ring like a bell. It really is a nice sound but probably not good for the ears all day. This was just an impulse day. Couldn't well fire up the forge without hitting any hot metal. Thanks for all of the positive feedback gents!
  9. New coal forge build in progress

    Darn bad habit! I constantly remind myself to keep that darn thumb down. Have a proper weight hammer now so I am hoping it will improve . Sigh. I'm such a rookie.
  10. New coal forge build in progress

    First firing today!! Exciting to have a forge fire up for the first time. Despite only having a 6" chimney, she socks rather well. Here are a few pics for you all. Finally I can start to contribute to other threads now!
  11. Blower value?

    Canadian prices seem to be completely uncoupled with the US market for these things. if it is in perfect working condition, you can expect to pay 100 - 150 Canadian. if it has a stand included, add another 50. without pics, too hard to be more accurate. That being said, there are a ton of postings, especially in Ontario, that are so over priced, it is ridiculous. some people wanting 300 - 400 for something that is seized etc. I would find it laughable if it was not so rampant. I have even seen anvil shaped objects and old vintage anvils with the face completely delaminated posted for 9-10 bucks a pound. sometimes Canada really sucks. This is one of those times.
  12. Show off your diy forge

    Here's mine. Finished it yesterday. I know it isn't the most basic but it is what I have.
  13. New coal forge build in progress

    great tip!! And I will take as many as I can get. this is the first time I have set up a proper (and I use the term loosely) smithy. still not sure if the blower should be on the table like it is, or if I should build a stand for it. as for hammers, I have seen some people with racks right on the stump, but am unsure if they would get in the way there. all trial and error at this point. I do plan on using that rack for tongs. once i actually have a few sets. that is the first order of business next weekend. starting from scratch as the tongs I was using previous were on loan from a smith friend of mine. will have to make a few sets pronto.
  14. New coal forge build in progress

    Hey PapaDooks, I have a bunch of left over 12 ga that is am going to make into a long narrow tray a couple inched deep that hooks on the front lip of the table for keeping my tongs/punches/hardy that are in active use for the project. it will be of a size that i can remove it and hook it on behind the hood if for some reason it is in the way or otherwise annoying me. good idea though about the pegs. might have to make a few of them in the same style so I can move things around as i figure out where the best place for things are...
  15. New coal forge build in progress

    Thanks Frosty!! I must admit it was not the cheapest build. Probably around $500 Canadian pesos. Will post some more pics following the first firing. She blows air now, but we will see how well she chooches. Wish I had time to test it tonight but alas dad duties call. Here are the promised final pics of the install. And details below Table: 3/16 plate 36 x 48 Firepot : 8 x 8 x 3.5 inches deep from 1/4 hot rolled steel Hand made tuyere from random box tube and such. Custom pineapple twist handle on the ashdump cut off my first rr spike project. Thompson blower: vintage 1900 ish. (Canadian equivalent to a buffalo I hear) Super sucker side draft hood made from 12 GA sheet metal. All put together with a crappy tire (harbor freight type) Mastercraft 80amp Flux core welder. This was my first time welding. I probably could have started with an easier project but hey it works! Added a tool rack at the end for my hammers and tongs. Will probably put another one on the opposite end as well. All that is left to do is drop the sheetmetal in for the cooling rack below the table . Minor detail. Please do let me know what you all think. And thanks for the opportunity to share!