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  1. Can't make a belt grinder, it will be practically harder than a sword for me. I'm also less interested in messing with electronics and such. Building a gas forge that will let me get even heat will be less practical than finding one that already exists. I forge on my free time and give away forged stuff to my friends because I just enjoy forging. My free time is very limited and I won't use it for stuff I don't enjoy. I will however try making simpler tools that require only forging, maybe some tongs and hammers. Don't know how practical it'll be because the shop I'm intending to join will probably have both them and the heavy tools. The more mistakes I make the more dangers-to-avoid I can put into my glossary :^)
  2. I'll be happy if the sword is made in less than a year, I take that as a long term project (like all my projects. my first knife waited a year until I put a handle on it) , I'm in no rush. Although I like to take shoutcuts I won't risk my health for a sword, at least when I know there is a risk...
  3. Rapiers tend to go bananas (literally) by the slightest mistake before the heat treat, that's why mine will be extra thick and short. The main problem probably is that a Rapier won't fit in your average kiln... That is unless you bend it in two while in the kiln and straighten it back right before the quench! (A terrible idea for many reasons) SWORDS DO NOT MAGICALLY TURN INTO FRUIT
  4. I never assumed, I need to use these tools to cover my lack of experience and free time, I want to try larger things and don't have the patience to wait until I can do it with what little tools I have now
  5. I can't believe I actually forgot. With my kind of forge it's just mechanicly inpossible, so I forgot it was a possibility, but I can build a forge that does the job in half a day. Still, now that I think of it won't it be better just going to my former art teacher and ask to use her kiln? I'm not sure of my abillity to get an even heat and keep a rapier straight.
  6. I've got no clue what sso's and kso's are... I'll be using the leaf spring, will cut it into thinner square stock before forging, but I want to cut the least I can and upset the rest of the width because I need to icrease the thickness and length, the spring really is too short. So I'll try the maximum width that 5mm can bear, but I was aiming for around 4 centimeters of width to reduce to 3. I'm notorious for forging metal while too cold, I can live with small parallel cracks in my thick knife but I won't be making that mistake with a sword, I will take your advice.
  7. I have room, an electrician's workshop(grandpa), so I'm just lacking tools. I'm currently looking for blacksmiths who I can bribe to give me space in their workshop, but that I'll need just for the quench and grind, I can manage the rest in grandpa's garage. I already got burned, cut, but still not burn-cut, intimidated, but hopeful. I've deciced on the measurements for the distal tapor already, though it might be a tad front heavy, it'll be more cut oriented. How can you quench with a simple forge? the thing is a meter long and needs to be entirely, uniformly above critical temperature. My simple forge annihilates one part of a knife while the opposite one remains cold. I don't know enough about harmonics, I'll try learning of it and will do my best with the sword, mostly being hopeful, forge welding a complicated hilt is beyond me, even welding one probably is, I found a work-around which is within my skill set- just a dome (boss?) and a simpler rod arrange. (the blade will be a little longer, this is the rough sketch and I didn't really notice the proportios were off.)
  8. I've read the rules, didn't know what I used counts. Won't use it anymore although I am struggling. Thanks, I'm coming from an artistic background and I've been drawing weapons long before I started making them. I finish the blades on whetstone so it comes out in a weird messy pseudo mirror polish, I really don't have any other means, not even buffing compound. I'm not intending to use sandpaper, life's too short for that. It's also too short for filing an entire sword, sorry... But I'll find a solution. About my ability to make a sword- don't tell frosty but I'm not sure either, yet I'm willing to try either way, I already created one faliure of a sword, nothing can stop me from creating two. I have a very specific question- if the thickness is 5mm - what will be the maximum width of the bar that will still let me upset without just crumbling, also some other questions, no need to answer me here, I'll be posting the topic soon.
  9. (I hope I'm quoting okay^) I'm not here to fight either, but I can't have productive discussion when you presume I don't know anything about forging and get this "Don't feel lonely though, you aren't the first teenager to want to jump into blacksmithing by making swords. We hear it all the time" disregard. I get that you are probably approached everyday by people who didn't use a screwdriver their entire life and want to make a greatsword/katana from rebar they found in their backyard, but please be patient with me, I know what I'm doing (hopefully) I know my limits, and I know the proccess of making a sword. My plan is simple and up to my limits- a short not-sure-you'll-agree-it's-a-Rapier-at-all-sword, wide and with only a true edge, which will be made with 60% stock removal. I've already drawn it and done most of the planning and dimentions (I actually came here to ask about upsetting for the sword because I want to get it to 7mm in the base instead of the 5 of the leaf spring but the width-thickness ratio is borderline too much for that not to just fold/ shroom). I've made stuff before, I already talked about it so just have the images (I'm a very artistic person who shouldn't use fake fur). You can judge however you like based on that, the smaller knife was made from THAT spring... × I could use more practice before making a sword, and will probably get it before I get access to the tools. Engineering and blacksmithing have major differences, if you haven't ever laid a hammer on hot steel then a sword really is not gonna come easy, but not attempting isn't the way. The first year and a half of my forging was soft ugly props for costumes, I came here by doing things out of my skillset until I got the skillset. I made a xxxx "Katana" two years ago- soft crude fat construction steel atrocity with no real handle. Did it kill me? No. Go make a sword, mess it up, who cares. You'll live on, and then you'll make better swords. My first forge was mud and bike pump, my current one is grill and vaccuum cleaner, but I need to quench the sword somehow when it's all hot, and generally have a forge that doesn't melt my steel in its whims (it ate an entire knife). And that grinder is better off in the trash, it's already almost done for (but xxxx, it did cost only 20$).
  10. For sure, and also I spent in total probably less than 400 bucks for three years of smithing, which is a great plus. But I want to try harder things which are beyond cheap tools and I have many other hobbies and forging just can't steal all my budget and time, so I'll be looking for other people's workshops instead of making my own. You are correct, I'm no native talker by any standard and most of my English comes fron Youtube and forums, brace up for many other slips.
  11. Why so hostile? I don't have a space where I can both keep the tools and work, I spend hours moving them, modifying them, buying them, working in different locations and just wasting time because the tools are too slow/not made for the task. I've made multiple knives, some fully forged, all of them hardened, some axes, a hammer, a shield boss, an arrow head, and a bunch of other stuff. I've been forging from time to time for more than three years. I want to make a sword and I probably can (with the right tools).
  12. All the hilt, generally more control in bending metal, I have many other projects that include bending bars. I could use tubes in a vice to round around but a horn will be much more comfortable, and as I said an anvil is not my greatest concern.
  13. I don't own any tank. Seriously though, I have a makeshift anvil, but it's not hardened and I need a horn for what I'm planning to do (a first sword, and a Rapier nonetheless). I know I don't need any professional tools to make great things but I need to step up my game because I spend 90% of the time just messing with the tools. The anvil is actually not a big concern of mine at all, I first need something better than a 180w bench grinder and a long forge, I just tried to roughly show what I've got.
  14. For sure, heck, I used stone, iron weights and then construction rails, they are good, but I'd like to step up my game (first sword, and a Rapier nonetheless) and what I have just won't do anymore.