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  1. @Charles R. Stevens if i ever need to replace it i have a dogwood tree in my backyard that i can trim down and that some really hard stuff a ponderosa pines Janka hardness scale is 460 lbs while dogwood is 2,150 lbs
  2. Sanded off all the blue as much as I could getting the original fiberglass handle was tough definitely worth it though took my Dremel and sped the prosses up by an hour. Then I got some pine from a branch that fell into my yard squared it up, threw it in the microwave to get out some moisture and got it fit on the hammer sanded it, and torched it just to be safe with the moisture and put on some Early American finish. (i not sure if this is because of the fact that its green wood and hasn't dried for too long but the handle is really fuzzy looking ?)
  3. I have really liked Estwing since I bought an axe from them but after this hammer im kinda disappointed got a good deal on it too i might just change the handle and sand all that blue away
  4. i got a new Estwing blacks smiths hammer when im hitting hot steel it smells terrible makes me sick even with a mask on. any ideas?
  5. Not a good idea check out this video it doesn't forge well
  6. Who else cant forge because of the crappy weather? We had two northeasters in the past due week and there talk of snow for Tuesday. at least I can file sand etc.
  7. Thanks, ill be heading there once i get my drivers license its about 1hr to 30 minutes away

  8. Hi im having trouble with the type of steel I need my first knife used home depot steel wouldn't harden. I then bought RR spikes on Ebay they are supposed to be High Carbon HC is punched the head (I have yet to spark test it). What is a good steel to use and good online stores?
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