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  1. Stick around, even if you just lerk. You can learn A LOT from these folks. I have in the past few months.
  2. Charcoal briquettes? Correct me if I'm wrong guys but won't that create more fireflies and be incredibly less efficient than lump charcoal? Especially if you blow "hard" air at it??
  3. Well it turns out I've got tomorrow off. So I'm thinking I might have a trip to make.
  4. Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing. Not sure of the content of the metal. I've personally hit 6 inch shot rock with the same style and type while morning along the highway right of way and didn't dent them. (not on purpose of course) I'm not into making knives yet. Since I'm just starting out. Since the blades are perfectly new and I was thinking since I live in farm country I know a few folks that might like to buy them.
  5. Lololol I actually told my son that today. We finally got a chance to fire up the 55 I built. He was itching to make something so I suggested a bracelet for his girlfriend. At one point he started to drop it from the vise. for some reason he thought he should catch it by pinning it against the workbench with his hip. Lol I yelled let it fall, he did. Then I quoted you. He kinda laughed as he realized how dumb of a move that was.
  6. Given to me by a friend... Never even used yet. Mower blades for a 5 foot rotary mower.
  7. Just curious Glenn, as I've been reading A LOT of older posts on this site. Ever get tired of saying it? it's even been said to me when I was burning my steel. Sun, I was having a kinda sorta related issue... It wasn't so much of an ember problem but I was blowing way way WAY to much air into the fire pot. Every once in a while I would get a poof of embers when I moved the steel in or out of the fire. Yep, that spot. But the air I was blowing in was through a 1/2" pipe with a mattress inflater taped in the end. So my whole evil spot was much taller than if I had been doing it properly.
  8. I agree! I think I already posted a picture of just that... A failure at making tongs.
  9. Thanks Glenn, after a bit more research the coal comes from the mulberry mine just south of KC.
  10. I didn't realize there was such a thing Lol. And I still haven't had time to use mine yet Glenn, the build was as far as I got then, the weather came in every couple days since mid last week I'm out plowing the roads again... Another week and a half and I change jobs so I'll have more free time and no standby time The "Real Coal BTU and analysis" post on this site might help some, but you need to find out what mine it comes from See the previous post in this thread from JHCC it will explain
  11. I actually live in Kansas. Although the Missouri line is only about 45 minutes. The place I mentioned is only about an hour's drive for me though. I finally found the local club. Their in Paola ks. Their only about an hour away. The next meeting is this month. Unfortunately I'm not gonna be able to go check it out, to busy with life right now. Maybe in the next couple months I can go, once things calm down a bit.
  12. I have tried to look on the abana website and can't get any info. The only thing I see is "membership info is no longer given out". It's gonna be a while before I can make the trip to that particular facility to get some anyhow since it's a couple hours away. I'm changing jobs in a couple weeks (I'm putting in my 2 week notice tomorrow). The wife and I are taking some classes to get foster care licensed. I just don't foresee the trip in my near future. Simply to busy with life right now. I was more looking for input if you guys think it's a good price and a decent quality coal. What is the desirable btu rating? Of bituminous?
  13. I figured that was the general rule and why I didn't post it. What is considered a good btu rating?
  14. So I have a question as to the cost of coal. Like many I bought anthracite from TSC. During my quest for a solid fuel, my son found a place in Western Missouri called Continental coal company. He said he called them and it was $65 a ton. Then he couldn't find their number. My local TSC doesn't stock either. No anthracite, or coal of any kind. The stuff I got, I got while out of town visiting family. Finally I located the phone number (according to Google) for them and called. The number listed was their fax machine. After a bit of searching I located another phone number and called it. (I suggested an edit with Google that's in review) The lady answered by saying "Continental". Knowing I finally got the right number I asked if they sell to the public and she said I needed to talk to a gentleman named Chris and gave me his number. I called Chris and asked the same question. Yes they sell to the public at $65 a ton. No minimum. He said he has people come in and buy a tote full for forging with and some that being in trailers. He said it is bituminous, about 11k btu and I think he said size "0"...? Still not sure if I heard the size correct. So here's my question, go or no go? Btw, I have the phone number. IF I'M ALLOWED to post it, I will. I'll wait on admin or Glenn to give me the ok for that.
  15. I can attest to that. If you've never smelled burning coal, it stinks it has a certain odor to it. You know you're inhaling a certain amount even outdoors. There's a saying for that. "If you can smell it, you're inhaling it." I would agree with frosty, use it outdoors until you can get proper ventilation.
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