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  1. I saw a pic of a claw hammer forged into a nice Horse head. Can't Find the pic.
  2. Great looking stand. I overbuild every thing I build. No comebacks that way.
  3. only certain tractor supply's carry coal Full time. Mine has it in wintertime. They would not order it at my local Store. Just. Saying
  4. I looked at the "55" forge& read other Suggested post. UNLIMITED yellow & red clay&creek sand.i think it Will line alum.grill with several Inches of packed&moulded clay.. I will fill temper it with a few wood Fires&see what happens.lots of JUNK sweet gum,pine,oak for Free. Thanks
  5. I tried to order online & have it shipped To my store. Screwed up sife.not User friedly. Employee in store said They had some in winter from time to time. Lol
  6. I hope to turn a cast alum. grill into a coal forge. has place for air. I think I need to insulate alum sides,bottom. I have red clay here&creek sand, yellow clay, wet gumbo mud. What would work best?? Sand easiest I think. On wheels & will be mobile. Thanks,
  7. before u retire stock up on free stuff. I had lots of free oil, freon, nuts & bolts, lubricants, etc, & more Lol before I retired. Prices now blow my mind. Good luck
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