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  1. I guess it makes sense. I thought if it was kerosene or something, inside the cable it might leave spots where it would not weld correctly, but if it burns off clean enough then good, and I can see kerosene doing this. I got to give it a try.
  2. What it the presoak used in this video? And why is he doing it?
  3. So what is the current % of U.S. produced / imported steel. I was looking but couldn't find current figures. Also might raise the price of scrap?
  4. Do you know Rick Burton? Lives around Champlain(sp). He is retired now, but shod around there and Chicago areas.
  5. Great work, keep it up. Looking forward to the next ones.
  6. For what you got, I see no need for a stack. Portable forges usually do not. Like already stated, get the air regulated, and that will solve your problem.
  7. No, there are some Michael Wildenstein, Jim Blurton, Tom Williams shoes there. I made a bunch, I got a retired farrier who now lives in Portugal who made a bunch and started this collection. I spent most of my Christmas vacation a few years ago cleaning them up, warming and doing the brass brush thing, then I have coated them with a clear varnish to keep them from rusting. I liked the more "antique" look of this rather than polished like most are.
  8. First pic is entrance, where I shoe horses. Next looking at my coal forge and outside anvil, looking through the door inside. I also have a gas forge inside / anvil. Third pic is my homemade hammer and wall mounted forge. Fourth is a display of shoes .
  9. I ran across a post talking about an app which will convert American to European metal identification codes. Any one please repost for me??
  10. I have made several pritchels from coil springs and a few knives. After a couple broke from hidden fractures, I've steered away from coil springs. Not fun getting half way through a project only to have a flaw in the steel.
  11. If you are going to practice, practice right. Perfect practice makes perfect work. Why waste your time and fire on crap? You don't see a baseball player practicing his swing with a broomstick do you? Or a bowler practicing his game with a basketball? Same thing. But hey I'm just an old guy with an opinion.
  12. I just received three from a friend in the States. I sent him 3 railroad screw like they use here.
  13. Ferric chloride. I have used it on all my damascus projects. The last knife I posted, I left it in the soak over night and thought I had lost it, nearly did, but finished it anyway.
  14. Fantastic. I just did my first and second cable projects this winter. I still have a long way to go to reach your level. Cable is fun, but different to work. Looking forward to getting better at it. I love the accent you did in the top of the handle. Gives me some ideas.
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