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  1. I too would like to make a kitchen related project. But I have to commit my budget this month in replacing my broken fender flares to a new one.
  2. Seriously, this thread is really impressive.
  3. That is a really great setup.
  4. Well made post. Thanks a lot, Steve.
  5. Interesting. For me, it looks well made.
  6. Save the beer till you finish with the forge.
  7. Great concept. I've seen some cosplayers before that did the same thing but with a scythe and different material.
  8. Your story made me motivated with this endeavor. Keep up the great work.
  9. Thanks, Rich. Will try to check your link as reference.
  10. Santa Clara, CA here. Thanks for the welcome.
  11. Interesting. I would like to know if there's an ebook available.
  12. Hey guys, I'm Anthony. I used to do odd jobs such as repair works. I learned earthware pottery and glass-making. Now I want to develop skills in blacksmith. Would like to know how to create knives and machete or even iron fences. Thanks for allowing me to join this community. Looking forward to learning more from members here.