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  1. Well, you blokes have certainly put the cat among the pigeons in terms of my expectations. All in a good way. I don't do a lot of forging at the moment but have previously spent 12 months (1 night per week) working with the Caretaker Blacksmith one Guido Gouverneur at the historic Railway Workshops in Redfern, Sydney. They closed them down officially in 1975, but the bloke who took over as caretaker, had a family history of smithing, grandfather, father, and himself. He taught me a lot - toolmaking through to decorative work. Me? I just wanted to do it. The most fright
  2. Folks, I am hoping to have my anvil repaired. It's been sitting around the shop on a trolley for a lot of years - certainly not the full century plus it can lay claim to, but as I have nearly finished it's mating Post Vyce, I thought I should bring it back to a usable condition. I understand that this anvil is essentially a tool. It has been constructed so that it too can be used to create tools. As such it must be serviceable. In its present state it leaves unfortunate "imperfections" and stress raisers on components made on it. A blacksmith's hammer is the partner to the anvil and
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