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  1. It's for breaking their necks (rabbits too). Dispatches em quick and clean when it's time for soup. The brand name thing is called a "hopper popper" if you need more information and some possibly disturbing videos of how it works.
  2. Bought this 6 inch vise as a lucky find on the internet! Now for the fun part... Mounting the beast for use.
  3. After a year and change, I finally have a shop again! Very happy.
  4. Thank you for this information! I have been forging with anthracite for about a year and a half now, and its nice to see information brought together to make things easier. One thing, the smaller size coal from tractor supply really likes to pop and jump, and will bite you pretty solidly. I have had decent success using the bigger size, then putting the smaller on top as a gap-filler. Other than chasing the fire around sometimes, It works ok at keeping the fire hot when I cant crank for a minute or two. What I haven't had any success in is mounding it up and poking the hole in the top for
  5. I have a viability question for use. With the locking pin pulling towards your hand to release, how do you stop it from going all spastic if someone tags it with a parry? Yes, I checked the date. Still interested. Great concept.
  6. I don't know if that's the curriculum for his school, but the classes there are 6 days- 3 weeks. I've checked
  7. Nice! I'm heading that way the last week of October. My brother still lives there and they're expecting kid number 4.
  8. I'm a forklift (I pick things up, I put them down) at the local mechanic shop. I don't actually get paid but they give me scrap steel, knowledge and occasionally lunch. College dropout, Walmart janitor. I moved to work in the gas field near cleburne tx doing water transfer for fracture operations at about 20. Then became a bouncer and repo guy and ended up collecting a baseball bat to the head at 23. Results: TBI and a stroke after the fact. Currently on SSD in my 30s and trying to get back to real work. I've always wanted to be a blacksmith and tried to make a go of it for a while as a
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