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  1. Slag, My wife is from Thailand so curry is a staple at our home. Main difference between Indian style curries and Thai is dry versus paste. India uses more dried powdered spices and Thai prefer paste based spices, generally premixed for the particular curry desired. Not only does this fit in the current conversation, she also followed me home.
  2. Mudman Not sure how they are in your area but auctions can be a way of finding things like torch set a bit more budget friendly. Have yet to pick one up but I am also able to walk away from something over my limit and not get carried away. Last two auctions I went to had a set each and they went for almost retail. I am, if nothing a patient man, cheap, yes but also patient.
  3. Wow.. Single Malt Envy for sure.... '72 and yes Glennfiddich is another fine Scotch.
  4. Sympathy for your loss. Great work on the Dirk. He would be proud. And right there with Iron Dragon on the dram. In fact I will have a tipple for your Grandfather when I get home from work. Laphroaig 16 seems appropriate.
  5. TempleHound. Amazing work . So much of what you post is amazing. I must visit you when I come back to Thailand in 2020. My wife is from Takhian Ram in Si Sa Ket province northeast Thailand.
  6. Depending on how early a start we get on Tuesday we might could swing by. Will keep in touch
  7. Hello all. I know we have some members in Western PA and the surrounding areas. I am headed west on Friday for annual Steelhead (steelhead for an aspiring blacksmith, go figure) fishing trip. Hoping to limit out early everyday and maybe have some time for a quick visit, BS session over adult beverages, tips tricks or whatever. Not at all sure how much free time I will have but who knows. Regards
  8. I need to come up and relearn sharpening techniques from you.!!!
  9. Snork is a great looking Pug Daguy. Ours is just over a year and a half old. I'll round up some shots of Brownie when I get home. Fun fact: Pugs were originally bred for the sole purpose of human companionship. No other job. I'm sure Daguy can confirm that pugs can be very needy and underfoot, like a lot. But wouldn't trade her in for anything. Maybe a powerhammer....but that's where I draw the line.
  10. Congratulations. Your free time has been used up as of now. I have a daughter myself and could are less that I have less free time as long as I spend it with her.
  11. David, York, more specifically Spring Grove here Kilts are not forging attire and it would be a shame to burn a hole in the clan tartan. Thank you for the welcome one and all.
  12. Randell, Thank you for asking and setting out a sacrifice to the curmudgeons. I'm so new to blacksmithing that this is informative. And helpful. To Frosty, the entertainment factor will keep me looking in on this topic as well.
  13. Andrew Zimmern is so wrong. Durian is amazing. And so so much better than the frozen mush we deal with stateside. Spent three weeks in Thailand this summer and stayed at my wife's home in Takhian Ram up in Si Sa Ket province northeast Thailand living Thai. No running water but the food, oh my the food. And found some beautifully crafted tools there just couldn't catch up with the smith.