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  1. Time for the winter project shenanigans to begin. To hopefully be completed by late spring (as the scrapyard treasures permits). No idea of the stroke or speed. There's some writing in it, but I can stumble along in russian. Definitely not Italian. I can post a picture is anyone speaks Italian. This will be similar in design to the one blacksmith-450 made , but turned 90° with a pass through in the main beam probably 6" x 6" for those longer jobs. The main beam is a probably excessively stout. 12" x 14" x 12" & 7/8" thick x 5' long. Found it years ago at a job for just a few bucks. The cylinder and anvil are to be mounted in the channel of the beam with the legs acting as guides. The tank / pump / motor will be mounted to one side with the controls to the other side with some type of protective cover over the flammable bits. Red hot metal & pressurized oil could be fun. Just not right in front of my face. In case it's not apparent, I'm winging most of this & using as much scrapyard finds & reclaimed materials as I can dig up (not the hoses though. Those'll be new). This is mostly a fun project for me & if I end up with a press to do canister & billets with, super. I'm at a early point with this & still have to answer most of my own questions.
  2. yep. Been calling it chocolate milk & mustard pudding. The transfer case was like rancid poached eggs in a peanut butter cream sauce. Front axle looked good though.
  3. I parted ways with the army truck. It was a maintenance hog & everything was huge, heavy, & generally expensive. So I got this little diamond in the rough. 1983 cj5 258 inline 6 T-176 Dana 300 (short tail shaft) Dana 30 (wide track) Amc 20 with a lunch box locker It wasnt running (well sorta running barely), or moving. In the last few weeks I've fixed most the mechanical issues. The clutch material was rusted to both the flywheel and pressure plate. So new clutch assembly. Carb was flat wore out. Replaced with a new Weber 32/36. Plugs & wires. New accel coil (DUI distributor coming later). New magnaflow underneath. New rubber (off the bronco which is dead for now). New besttop super top. Fresh gear oil all the way around (the pictures should explain why). Some other odds & ins. Gots to do a rear wheel bearing & seal tonight. Also thinking & talking to a buddy about doing a 4.0l stroker to drop in it.
  4. Good idea! Hadn't thought of it before. Thank you.
  5. Thank you. My wife's laid claim to it. Shes one of those hippie vegan people. So she's in need of a veggie killer.
  6. Been busy with work. But did some grinding yesterday & a quick dip in the acid.
  7. No worries mate. Lots & lots of info & opinions around here. Fleabay is very very subjective price wise. If ya get down to Springfield, give me a shout. I'd be happy to hammer so metal with ya. And watch out for Frosty. That guys shifty....
  8. I paid a third of what your asking. For my 6-1/2" iron city that was in immaculate condition. This was late last year or early this year. Either way, not long ago & I'm not but an hour from you. Not trying to be critical either. If you can get your asking price, more power to ya. But you may have that vise a while.
  9. Had some scrap damascus cut offs I didnt want to waste. Put them in a can with some 1084 powder. Didnt have anything in mind for this, just let it go it's own direction and ended up with a big kitchen chopper. Almost ground & ready for heat treat, except for one wee little bad weld I'm chasing near the edge. So we shall see.
  10. Just a little off the top Frosty. Well some from the sides too. I've never cared for the Joe Dirt mullet look Some looks should never have been a thing to begin with, let alone come back into style..... But then again. We could make you an offer you can't refuse..... Or there's always Tommy two toes way....
  11. Got far more W1 in today than I need for practicing this. Told the purchasing guy at the shop that I wanted a single piece of W1 round bar 1" x 3". So now I've got 9' of the stuff. Oh well, I'll make some other blades I suppose. I'll turn down a foot or three to fit my pipe in a few days & give it a go. With variations of both Jclonts & basher's methods described. Not like I dont have a lot more material to play with than anticipated. Thank you everyone for the advice and pointers.
  12. Thank you Jclonts. I've got a 20' stick of 316 1" sch 40 sitting out back (with no idea where or why I got it). I'll be ordering some W1 promptly. Gonna blatantly copy your method.