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  1. fleur de lis

    A thing.

    Thank you. I'll give it a go. Plenty of counter top companies around here.
  2. fleur de lis

    A thing.

    The only real source of supplies around here would be the traveling gunshow. There are some venders there who sell some odds & inns for the knife maker. However, I am loath to go to the shows. My ex-wife works for the promoter. To say that we do not have a cordial relationship, would be an understatement. I suppose I need to get over my anti online shopping problem & just deal with it.
  3. fleur de lis

    A thing.

    Because I'm a cheap skate & I've never found any ready made that I've liked enough to buy. Add in the tactile personality I've got. If I can't touch & feel it first, I don't wanna buy it. I've got a good wood store local, but not a single blasted blade supply store. This personality trait has been the cause of more than a few ummm disagreements with the misses. She occasionally gets sick of my grumbling about stuff & just gets it only behind my back. Primarily truck parts. Now if you could direct me where to look for some locally besides my usual haunts ( steel supplier, fab shops, gun shops, leather store ), I'm happy to look & try it.
  4. fleur de lis

    Ouch, Local Anvil Prices

    When I got into this 4 years ago, I bought a 56 centaur branded kohlswa farrier. In might as well be factory new condition & not one of the soft ones either. I thought I was getting robbed at $ 500 or 600 USD. How little I knew. Now people around here want that and more for a chunk of rail. Let alone a real anvil. Worn out or not. I looked at a fair condition 120# Arm & Hammer in a junk a month or so back. They wanted almost $2k for it. Wasn't there two weeks later.
  5. fleur de lis

    A thing.

    This is true. Either of those would most likely be a better choice. I like the warmth of wood though & I'm not particularly fond of making micarta. So dang messy & I've never worked corian. Anywho, the picture is where I'm at as of now. I'm not real happy with the mokume I made for the guard. So I'll be after another stack this weekend. Amongst the 50 other tasks to get done & the half a dozen other guys at work who now want something made. Not enough hours in the day.
  6. fleur de lis

    Surface grinder advice needed

    Kozzy. That 550v isn't a typo. I thought that as well, until I found another data tag reading 550v 60hz. Which if my research is right, would mean this unit was set up for Canadian use, or possibly Swiss. I'm betting Canadian though. Another thing that has me curious. The relays are also 110v. Same as the transformer. The power panel also looks as if it was added post production. I may just geta 220v VFD to wire in & see what happens. If I hadn't physically seen this thing run & used it in the past, I'd say I'd been had.
  7. fleur de lis

    Jeep & Willy's Lovers...

    Just a smidgen. Ok, a very big smidgen.
  8. fleur de lis

    Jeep & Willy's Lovers...

    Its a bit of an inside joke with my wife. When we first bought a M35a2, I needed a drum brake for the winch & she's much better at hunting down parts than I am. Except that she spelled it as wench instead of winch. She flat couldn't figure out why she kept getting porn as search results. I was almost on the ground laughing. Its been a wench ever since. I've been expressly forbidden from having more than 2 anvils. Under penalty of, I'd rather not mention.....
  9. fleur de lis

    Jeep & Willy's Lovers...

    As requested, some pics of my little hoopty. 1970 Kaiser Jeep XM818. Which has seen more than a few modifications. Started as a stock MV, but I've a sickness of never leaving anything stock. Cummins nhc-250. Bigger injectors & fuel button. Bed from the M35a2 we had. 14.00-20 XML on combat rims. Manual T-case over the factory auto. The original t-138 transfer case ate itself. So I shoe horned a t-1138 case from a M923a1 in. So instead of a 50mph truck, I chicken out at 65mph. Will probably switch out the rubber to 395/85/r20 to get some torque back. It sucks in high gear & high range. In low / granny low, he'll still pull trees out of the ground on a slow day. Who doesn't need a 10 ton wench on their truck. Gotta replace the master cylinder & a wheel cylinder in the next week or so. Was a lot nicer in the army. I drove & broke em, and some other fool got to fix them. 20181008_093008_01.mp4
  10. fleur de lis

    Surface grinder advice needed

    1970 Kaiser Jeep XM818. Not a deuce, but a 5ton. Had a deuce, but sold it. Couldn't afford the diesel for two. We get down your way with it every so often. I'll get some pictures up in the jeep thread before long.
  11. So I've kinda dove in the deep end here & need some advice / help. I bought a DoAll D-6 hydraulic surface grinder from a local machine shop acquaintance of mine. I know that it used to run. I've used it in the past. But its been sitting the better of a year, so it does need some love. It's set up for 440v on a 1 horse 3 phase motor. I've only got 220v single phase at the house, so I've got to up the juice. Which is where my first issue is. I've been reading like a fool to learn what I can about VFD controllers & Rotary phase converters so that I can run this puppy & figure out what the next issue will be. However, I'm not real certain of what the differences between the two are. Nor which would be preferable for this application. I would like to be to power the hydraulics as well. The coolant pump is seperat & runs off standard 110v. I'm only into this for $80 USD, so I'm willing to play with it for a while. Any advice & help is much appreciated. The D-6 model isn't as well represented with google-fu as others. Please pardon all the crap in the yard. My wife has started spring cleaning early. Its not generally so trashed.
  12. fleur de lis

    First go at canister damascus

    Gave it another go today, only with 1095 & 15n20. Same square tube as before & 3" in length. The 1095 is .187" thick & the 15n20 is .120" thick. 6 pcs each filled the tube tight. Now my welder is in need of replacing. So the welds on the can weren't very good. I will be getting myself a tig setup in the near future. But it worked well enough to move forward. Poped the can in the forge & piled on the coal. I let is soak for 20-25 minutes before the first hammer strikes. Got 4 good welding heats before some welds gave way. Specifically the one for the round bar for my tongs to hold. I don't have any tongs big enough for 2"x2" square or anything there about after hammering. I cut her open for giggles and much to my surprise, it took a weld. Well half a weld anyways. The center didn't weld at all but the outside three layers on each side did. So instead of damascus, I've got San Mai of sorts. Hopefully I can get it drawn out to blade length.
  13. fleur de lis

    First go at canister damascus

    Yeah. It didn't work out. Next time around I think I should put the bandsaw material 90° to what I did this time.
  14. fleur de lis

    A thing.

    A kid at work wanted a new blade for his pops. Something for skinning with a short blade & a fat belly. Somehow or another word got to him that I've been fiddling around with bladesmithing, & he brought me a drawing of what he wants. Asked if I'd give it a go. 5160 material forged to shape & 3/16" thick. 5 1/4" blade. 9" overall before handles. Normalized twice & annealed before grinding & file work. Heat treated & quenched in warmed canola oil. 2 temper cycles at 425-450° F. For 1 hour each. Finish ground to 180 grit then hit with a red scotch brite wheel. I will change that to a gray scotch brite wheel if I can find my stinking arbor adapter. I have been given liberty to do the scales to my own discretion. So I've chosen to do a hidden tang and figured hard maple with a copper/nickle mokume cap or guard. Not sure which that'll be yet. Made enough today to do either or both. Got the scales mostly inleted while watching a movie tonight. Gonna do some danish oil when finished. Got a big slab of wenge I may do a simple scabbard out of. Truth be told, I'm not crazy about this one. The shape is just out of proportion to me. But the kid likes it so far, which I suppose is what matters. Even if it does look like the bastard offspring of a puukko & a chef's knife.
  15. fleur de lis

    Supplier list

    Alpha Knife Supply out of Cedar City Utah. Everything from blade materials to micarta & lubricant. Ordered 5 pcs .120 x 1.5" x 12" 15n20 on 25 January & received on 28 January. Well packaged as well. https://www.alphaknifesupply.com/shop/