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  1. You didn't miss anything. I was just looking for some popcorn and when I returned to the computer it was all done. It went out like the second fight Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston. Liston was agressive and Ali hit him.
  2. The 350mm Pferd files are 15mm diameter. All information in their catalogue. Can't find it on their Australian site. But on their UK site you can download it.
  3. Just finished my second sword. Had a little bit of quenching distortion
  4. The ship was raised by Smit Internationale N.V, the Company that raised (together with Mammoet) the Kursk.
  5. Really funny anvil: Not really northern (but mostly) , not really southern plus the hardy hole is on the wrong side (like italian).
  6. Same weight - not necessaraly. The center of gravity of both - the "spring and hammer mechanism" and the counterweight should be in the center of the tire.
  7. Nice little side axe! There is a micro USB plug for size comparison
  8. This weekend is the biggest HammerIn in Sperberslohe near Nürnberg. Organized by Peter Brunner who has made "the" german forum Schmiededaseisen. Through this forum I got aquainted to so many blacksmiths all over Germany. Some of them are in IFI too. As for hammers google for Werkzeugfabrik Krenzer.
  9. H. W. Holthaus, Dahlerbrück in Westfalen Drei Quadrate
  10. In general I prefer monosteel blades but Achims Damascus is always something special. There seems to be more than two steels in this Damascus: The black O2 the silver 75Ni20 and the grey perhaps 1.2519 or 1.2442 or ...? Willy p.s.I I admire your work.
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