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  1. Same here. I have reliable sources for S235 and C45 in the dimensions and quantities I need, but C15, C35 or C60 I can only get accidentially and mostly in dimensions that don't meet my requirements. I am only a hobbyist so if I want to forge an axe from C60 I won't buy 6 meters of lets say 30x60.
  2. Never denied that. Welding is "another world". Weldability of S235 is excellent without any heat treatment. S235 is not a high strength steel. And I notice the difference between C15 and C45 (even C35) under the hammer.
  3. 1.4% Mn is the maximum allowed content. S235 may have any content up to 1.4%. If a melting doesn't reach the necessary tensile strenght: "Throw in another shovel of Manganese." 1018 is better compared with the german C15 I never noticed any difference forging C15 or S235.
  4. Where do you get mild steel without Manganese. Every mild steel I know - except some very special products like Armco pure iron contains an amount of Manganese of 1.4% max.
  5. wicon

    What did you do in the shop today?

    My dies are made of 1045 hardened on the working side. They wer mushrooming too. Now I use a big Simplex soft face mallet with copper inserts: No more mushrooming.
  6. wicon

    What did you do in the shop today?

    In my opinion the bottom plate is not redundant: It keeps the things together. I don't want to assemble the Guillotine every time I need it.
  7. wicon

    Merry Christmas 2018

    Merry Christmas to all. My daughter - who recently began blacksmithing too, and i'm proud of her progress - gave me a complete set of new tools for Christmas. Hammer, tong, hardie and anvil. e They are all made of self produced marzipan. The anvil weights 8 pounds!
  8. wicon

    two leg vise ?

    Seems the original colour was yellow. At least in Germany all tools used on railroad tracks are painted yellow. So no tool can be forgotten on the track. May be it was used when building or repairing railroad tracks. Please!!
  9. Another light and portable solution
  10. wicon

    Mini post vise

    I use my little vise on the anvil.
  11. wicon

    etching pattern welded steel

    c.baum: earlier! - see Sutton Hoo or the letter from Theoderich "wurmbunt". I guess that the different etching in old blades mostly depends on different contents of phosphorus ( and sulphur and arsenic ). In your case the difference might be the content of manganese, C45 high file low.
  12. @jlpservicesinc I rarely use the belt grinder. Most work is done with a cordless Bosch anglegrinder in one of the smaller blue boxes. The other one contains a cordless drill. The big blue box contains the ppe, the samples, some cordless led lighting and some other items to make life easier and more convenient. The aprons are from Angele. @Daswulf Except for these photographs I don't haul that 45kg Peddinghaus. I only shift it from the trunk to the stump and then use the hand truck. I am lazy, I am not stupid. @ausfire No overweight, I simply leave everything unnecessary at home. @Frosty For heavier equipment I use my trailer. It has a pickup crane. Some photographs: Willy
  13. It's not a hammer, it's a roughly forged sword made of mild steel with a knot in the blade. My statement on "I want to forge a sword." I mainly use it as a sign that I'm taking a break. Willy
  14. Great idea, but that 150kg Bêché doesn' t fit in my trunk. Willy
  15. This is a special setup: I forge with children (between 6 and 86 years) . In the car (an old Opel Astra G) Car unloaded. Built up (without sidewalls) Some details Aprons, safety glasses, gloves for the kids. Samples on the right side.