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  1. Again, that just sounds like it should be reasonable. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but typically the 196 was the total weight of the complete anvil? I know it's broke so it won't weigh what it says obviously. But I only have a rr track aso. So either way the broken anvil should be better than what I have.
  2. So, since my last post I've looked at videos and such on doing rebound testing, the more percentage of rebound is the better anvil Correct? Basically somewhere between 80%-90% rebound is generally what you want correct?
  3. Ok I have heard of the bounce test. Is there a standard, say type of ball bearing? I'm guessing that there should be to determine an accurate test. And if so what is/are the specs of the ball bearing? As for the weight now, no idea. It's not in my possession.
  4. Unknown anvil with broken horn. It has the hardy hole. And has 196 stamped on it. I don't have the anvil, trying to acquire it, just don't know the value with broken horn. Here are some pictures.
  5. This forge originally was supposed to have a hand lever blower mounted under the pan. And yes I believe 3 inch flex pipe is the answer as well. I will be building the mounts and stand for the #400. Thanks
  6. And that there is how I live my life. I have some what I call "BS" prosthetic, $30,000 pos. I just use my manual wheelchair and my monkey arms on my As for anvil stand I have a stump, just perfect height. And my forge is good height as well. Daswulf, it might be hard to be tall, but being short has advantages as well. Besides how is the weather up there? Also for what it's worth, I don't let nothing stop me from doing anything. I still climb 14-16 foot deer stands every year to go deer hunting. I ride 4 wheelers, 3 wheelers, etc. The only thing I can't do is get up off my butt and walk across the floor. Also I have a few pictures of the forge in the "show me your forge" section under solid fuel forges. I will be starting with wood coal. Trying to be all self efficient.
  7. II believe the pan to be cast because the leg holes are cast into the pan, not welded on. Here are some pictures sorry for the quality
  8. Here are some pictures of my coal forge. I know it's a buffalo N.Y forge but not 100% on the age. It has an old champion 400 hand crank on it that someone else messed up, but I did find another 400 that works just fine. Just need to fab up some mounts and legs for it. Let me know what you think. I'm starting off using wood coal for now. I have made up about 10 gallons of coal, not sure how much I would need to make a good pile.
  9. I'm game for But seriously I was 5ft 9in tall now I'm 3 ft 9in tall. I lost two foot by losing two feet. Again all seriousness. When my child was 3 years old she was taller than me. And it wouldn't do anyone to get short with me cause I am shorter. That and I love it when you go to a carnival and you see the signs where you have to be so tall to ride, I mess with the person running the ride and ask if I can ride and they scratch their heads and say they have to ask a I'm full of 'em.
  10. Yeah it's the older ones I can't see is all.
  11. Yep I also can't see pictures for some reason. I always try to read before asking a ton of questions. Edit. Sorry read the wrong post, now I know why I can't see some pictures. Thanks And I really do mean don't hold back on the short jokes. I know some people think it's rude or what ever but I'm not that person. I do have a few questions, but again I will look first. Thanks.
  12. My name's Steve, and I have no legs. That's why I call my self stubby. I just recently, as in last 4-6 weeks, got interested in blacksmithing. I like a challenge, I work on anything with a gas engine. I have built motorcycles and currently have 2 homemade trikes. I am open to any and all advice and structural criticism. And don't worry about short jokes, tell them because I just might learn some new thanks for having me aboard.