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  1. kk ouais mais st-hippolyte c'est 30 mins de plus de route, mais c est quoi tu veut dire par slow service a h riendeau? like they wont have what i need in stock or you mean they are just slow to serve you over there? aussi sais tu si c est le meme prix? en passant merci aussi pour les info j apprecie beaucoup
  2. yeah thats a bit far hopefully theres someone closer if not i guess ill have to do the trip
  3. i live in rigaud wich is 1h from montreal and i cant seem to find anyone selling blacksmithing coal anywhere near i was wondering if anyone here knew where i can get any
  4. thanks bud i put some time on it 2 years ago when i was supposed to build my forge its all cleaned up and rebuilt inside i cant wait to use it now
  5. heres a little update lol yes old post revival! anyways today i had a little spare time so i decided to paint the letters white
  6. yeah ill see it is my first forge after all, hoping everything works out im picking up the 55 gallon drums tomorrow and start making charcoal asap i figure that i will need lots while learning
  7. nah i just ordered all the peices i need to build it,i really didnt want anything welded, i prefer the threaded pipe route to take down easily at anytime i want, i know it is more costly but i think since i might be moving the forge once in a while it might be better off that way and also probably better for cleaning it out, im going to pick up my 55 galon drums this weekend too so it will be just a matter of time to get those peices from the mail and theni can start making some charcoal and eventually start up hammering some hot metal from the forge im finally gonna get to use all tbat equip
  8. great then thats what ill try to get for it then since it would keep things easyer to mount and dismount btw heres the link to my blower restoration https://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/44248-canadian-blower-forge-handcranked-blower/?tab=comments#comment-464944
  9. ok i wont use any galvy at all anyways but as for the tubbing i do like the idea of being able to take it down anytime i want and cost is not much of an issue as long as i stay in the 100$ budget its all good i was really just wondering about the metal is all, like i know galvy is bad but is there other metal pipes that i shouldnt use? cause like i said ive found what i need in black malleable iron wich i would do a build without welding as much as possible so i can take it down anytime but is black malleable iron good?
  10. yes check in my old posts i had a post on it 2 years ago oh ok so basically for the pipe under the T fiting it would be fine to put galvanized but not upwards from that?
  11. ok so im finally building a forge....was supposed to build one 2 years ago... anyways im doing the typical brake drum forge but i will do it in a steel barrel anyways now the thing is the tubing/piping i know we are not suposed to use galvanized du to toxic fumes so thats off the list, i was told to use black iron pipes and fitings but im not sure what im looking for as online ive found black malleable iron pipes ive found black steel pipes and a bunch others so can anyone just link me to something usable just to get an idea of what i can really use since i really do not want to intoxicate mys
  12. thanks mate i think it came out preatty good as well
  13. so here it is fully rebuilt and cleaned! i took it appart and removed all rust and grime inside and out, then i greased the shafts and inserts and rebuilt it.once rebuilt i painted it a nice metallic green and finished it with a new handle wich i finished in gunstck oil, its not perfect but sure looks better than it did day 1 and works great!
  14. ok i just recently took it appart to give a good cleaning and painted the outside only 1 of my fibre washers was in peices, im about to rebuild soon ill post pics when i get it done
  15. well i got it today and heres what she looks like after wire wheel
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