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  1. perhaps this will help, I cant think of any thing other than spray paint if you want something more detailed you could use a air brush, or imagine you could find a artist on a freelance website who would paint it for you.Are you the one who has been making the cs go knife replicas on youtube?
  2. Hey I have a suggestion about your fundraiser, why not ask everyone to donate metal work, IM sure a lot the guys can make a knife that sells for more then they put into it, if you were to put up a i forge iron store then the guys on the site could donate a lot more money then they spend.

    I was also wondering about your tshirts my mom owns a sign shop and i might be able to get you a better deal, and I have some experience with  might be able to help you out with a logo and t shirt designs.

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      knife or any other piece I mean

  3. Thanks Guys!! I shaped it with a belt sander, Probably not most effective way I know, but its what I had Available. Veggie oil worked great, I didn't heat the oil and blade bent a little, the knife was a gift for my pastor he retired and he's moving to Georgia, So I thought this would be a good gift. Thank you for the tip about the grind I will work on that with my next knife I also am planning to do more work on the finish before I put the handle on next time, ran into some trouble with that. Thank you everyone and please tell me if you notice something I should work on in the future as I
  4. Hey Guys, I've finally finished my second knife. It is O1 with Wamara for the handle, I started finishing the handle with tung oil but decide to go with teak. I bought the sheath from the Threshers Reunion near Denton Decent Fit luckily. I quenched it in veggie oil this time
  5. At least they didn't make the contestants make Big Giant Swords, I enjoyed it not as educational material but for entertainment.
  6. While learning in person is awesome, the internet has some useful info check youtube there are hundreds of videos on knifemaking and blacksmithing Storm the Castle.com also has a blacksmithing section it takes some searching but there is a lot of information out there. not a perfect substitute but it can get you started. http://www.stormthecastle.com/blacksmithing/index.htm brake drum forge
  7. OK I will try the veggie oil thank you for the constructive criticism reason i quinched the RR spike is one of the many sources on the internet said I should, should have checked around some more Thanks again
  8. Finally got around to posting it, here it is my first knife not perfect but i cut my self on it so it works. I forged it from a rail road spike quenched it in motor oil and did detail work with belt sander and file.
  9. hey srry but i didn't get your msg forum wont let me look at it

  10. I like it, it is a nice knife
  11. I've heard that scrolls are a good place to start but I have been messing around with making knives http://www.stormthecastle.com/blacksmithing/index.htm and youtube have a few tutorials for starting blacksmithing and bladesmithing Good Luck
  12. Thanks for the info guys, he was using salt water I believe. Hes doing much better now.
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