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  1. ks3680 - try this link http://www.leesauder.com/index.php
  2. Good morning all Here is my version. Everything can be man handled by one person, I usually find someone to help with the vice and the anvil, a lower truck or trailer would help, The construction box is on wheels and there is a set of ramps. I lock all the small stuff in the construction box a night, then cover the box during the DEMO with a painters cloth and use it as the display area.
  3. The nice thing about the gas saver valve is one does not need to reset the mixture valves. On the version of Wendell’s “treadle torch” I saw he had moved the pilot light off the gas saver valve and mounted the torch on an arm that swung through the pilot light and then continued out of the way to allow the material to be heated access to the torch. In treadle mode the treadle opened the valve and held and lit the torch. -grant
  4. Good morning all Abraham, what part of Colorado? There is a DEMO this Saturday in Broomfield, welding for the blacksmith. Check out the workshops section on the Rocky Mountain Smiths site. http://rockymountainsmiths.org/ -grant
  5. This is a picture of the offending fireplace! PS Where is the post preview - tks grant
  6. This was sent to me by wpearson; exactly what I was looking for - thanks. I would think that there should be some reference to this in the Colorado or Pueblo County Code and if I built the arrester to comply with this there should be no problem with the Insurance Company .http://www.sanramon.ca.gov/bldgrefer/refsparkarrestor.htm
  7. Now we are getting down to it. I had not thought of UL compliance, i'm headed back to Rye, I'll post some pictures and see if we can integrate; UL, field stone, and rustic bungalow. I might be nice if is still draws like it has for the last 93 years; it's a cracker.
  8. Thanks Mat -it's a 92 year old field stone fireplace and chimney. I'll post some pictures. I've got some expanded material lift over from a window well covers project; i'll whip something up. I thought there might be some science/guildlines out there. -grant
  9. Thanks NTK – I checked Co EPA; there was little reference in the articles even when a search said the article should include “spark arrestor”. I’ll wing it. Thanks again. -Grant
  10. Good morning all – My home owners insurance (USA) wants a spark arrestor on the fire place chimney. Has anyone dealt with this before? Any General guild lines/requirements? I noticed that Cebelas sells a spark arrestor for your tent stove that is "certified for National Forest use", but no one seems to know what that means regarding requirements or performance criteria. They seem fairly straight forward, a vertical screen with a top, or a cover similar to a rotisserie cover that vents out the ends. Any who I thought there must be some official requirements and some one on this form might know what they are or where to find them–tks grant
  11. Good morning all -Spank Woman this was posted on the Rocky Mountain Smiths Form on 15Apr2015 -grant "Well...let Mr.Hill check out the link with the min preview of the show. Tomorrow is the big day 7pm mountain time on CNN. CNN will also host the episode for at least a week if you don't have the channel or happen to miss it." http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/04/13/mike-rowe-blacksmith.cnn This is Craig and Rory's site http://www.dragonforgeltd.com/
  12. ​Yes -this is the rest of the story. They are very elegant, however as Alan suggests, they are not overly utilitarian. -grant
  13. Good morning all J -I missed the rolling mill the first time i watched your video. You have quite the steel mill. Good on you. -grant PS what happened to the preview function?
  14. good morning all Call Sid Suedmeir. 402-873-6605 He is in Nebraska City and has Pocahontas Coal by the bag. -grant
  15. Frostman - Nulla tenaci invia est via” - for the tenacious no road is impassable. It's good to see you back; "no adhesive is dry" is very smart. -grant
  16. Good morning all Randy, you might consider starting by building side boards and then attaching your bows to them. -grant
  17. Good morning all Preston -i agree with all of the above. How did you get them so back? -tks grant
  18. good morning all billyO - The Onan generator in our motor home has both an engine driven manual fuel pump and an electric fuel pump closer to the tank. If the diaphragm in the manual pump is ruptured the electric pump can pump raw fuel through the rupture into the crank case. If there is raw fuel in the crank case there must be some common communition point up hill from the carburetor and under pressure to get the oil / gas mixture to spew. -grant
  19. Good morning all I made one of these for the blacksmith club holiday party and is has expanded form there. Thankfully I didn't start when this thread recommended I should. Good Holidays! -grant
  20. Good morning all In my neighborhood hot rolled bar comes in 20’ lengths and cold roll in 12’ lengths. I realize that hot or cold rolled is a finish process but can one assume that cold roll is 1018 and hot roll A36. I have not been able to get a satisfactory answer from the supplier; it’s all mild steel to him. Tks grant
  21. Spank -That was not a back handed editorial comment aimed toward you. I think your cake spatula is very elegant. -grant
  22. Good morning all Is the HVAC duct work coated? Several years I used some for tin roofs on bird houses and bird house book ends, Then we had the Pa-Pa Wilson accident and I began to wonder if that square ducting was zinc plated. -grant PS I had no idea that vittles was spelled victuals - so If the Frostman says you can eat it, it must be food safe.
  23. Good morning all Frost man, thanks for joining in. Yes, there have been times that the judicious use of the weed burner aided the transition and it’s not to say that with more coke on hand and gentle fire management the problem could be not mitigated. But it is enjoyable to speculate. My initial thoughts are that a burner and air blast would be introduced into the stack. The burner would initially be used to warm the stack and burn the excess smoke during start up. Once a stable forge fire is achieved the fuel part of the burner would be shut down leaving the air blast to complete the combustion of the smaller particulates and Bob’s your Uncle. -grant
  24. I just noticed that the pictures that go with the above link are have either been deleted or the link lost during one of the upgrades to IFI. The link doesn’t make much sense without them. So:
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