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  1. I am currently starting the research for a travel grant which will allow me to study traditional methods of smelting iron in a bloomery furnace. Im interested in learning how to collect the raw materials and also make the furnace its self, run it and then complete the process by then forging the iron I make. I have just completed three years at the National School of Blacksmithing in Hereford and so the focus of this research is the production of the material I have loved working with during my time there. The project requires you to travel out side of the uk and so I was wondering if anyone knew places or people anywhere in the world who mite be able to help out and possibly host and teach me. Any advice or links would be hugely appreciated, from people running classes, to regions in far flung places where methods are still practiced traditionally , even experimental off grid communities. I am particularly interested in visiting tribes still using ancient techniques and places using very simple technology. THANKYOU
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