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  1. agreed...i may make a bottom tool for the center vein only, and as you state, chisel in the finer
  2. starts out as 1/2" H.R. round......ending up as 2" long x 1-3/4" wide Aspen leaf.....quantity, unknown, not for sale, just trying to make leaves as clean and unique as possible, not just hammered and veined with a chisel. The past few that i have done are "slightly" raised, more tapered from thick centers to thin edges. I would like assistance with giving the leaf a bit more character with an accented raised center vein. I have a 25lb Little Giant but only drawing die, few chisels and a few hammers. Here are the last ones i did, i would like a raised center vein for more "ommph".....after the 5th one coming out non picture worthy, i chimed in here.
  3. What is the best means of creating a raised center vein on a leaf?
  4. All finished.....after a long sit and think, i decided i wanted the torch to be stationary ( until opening the de-sta-co clamp, then its mobile). Built it so the igniting flame mount to a foot operated swivel. The flame was a bit tricky so opted for a turnbuckle to fine tune the timing.
  5. Frosty, the treadle torch enables user to work with both hands free, ........stomp the foot lever,this moves pilot across rosebud, thus ignititing the torch and stays lit until foot is released from lever. i have started it already and will post up pics when complete.
  6. Configuring one right now on paper and figured someone may have a few pics of theirs.......got one? show me a pic to throw me some ideas
  7. Hey Rusty....are you using straight black shoe polish or adding it to the Beeswax/Linseed/Turp concoction? I have tried the Beeswax/Linseed/Turp in the past and wasnt dark enough for me but you may be onto something if i can tint the Beeswax/Linseed/Turp quite a bit darker.
  8. ahhhh........checked that out, nice concept...Thank you !
  9. Hello, ..........would like to patina to a semi gloss "half black".........not total black but more of a satin tinted black. To be applied to forged and wire wheeled mild steel. If you have seen black chrome, it is similar but with a smooth satin finish. My hopes are to apply whichever technique and rub again to remove and shine up the high points. Tried a black wax but wasnt darkening the shiny areas that mill scale was completely removed.......maybe someone has done it here, so i figured i'd ask. Thank you
  10. Beammeupscotty..........beautiful piece man !! love the flow
  11. a handle to a fireplace door project.............
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