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Found 8 results

  1. Jonathan Smidt

    Knife attempt number 6!

    Slowed down a bit over the holiday timeframe, finally getting some time to share with ya'll my continued journey towards being a bladesmith! Behold knife attempt number 6! Blade is 1084, handle material is inlace acrylester. Used my belt sander up to 1000, then took it by hand up to 2500. Pins are brass. *Note: Still working on the other one....going to try to get better bevels into it.
  2. Well, it's been a...journey, but I finished the second blade I mentioned I was working on (knife number 2 done!). This blade caused me a lot of trouble, and I learned a lot as I went, but as always, suggestions/critiques always help! Story time first! I am still working on edge geometry and the bevel...trying to figure out how to improve upon those two with my hammer for the initial shaping, and then my angle grinder (really hoping for a belt sander for Christmas...think that might help just a tad). So, shaping this blade went well in my opinion, I got close to the shape I wanted, though it was a little shakier than I would have preferred. I am going to apply the techniques given to me in a previous post next time, to try to keep the blade straight and flat! I tried to clean it up as much as I could, but in the end, when I went to quench, I developed a slight bend that I just couldn't get rid of :(. The temper went well though, so the blade is definitely nice and hard :). Grinding away after the heat treat was a little difficult...the wife wanted me to try to leave some of the dark coating that appeared after tempering on the middle....and well...I just don't have the angle grinder skills needed to make that look pretty just yet....will keep trying in the future! Onto the part that taught me a whole lot...the guard and handle.... So, my initial idea for the guard was to take this piece of brass I had, and forge it out nice and pretty like, to make a fancy guard.... I learned quickly, brass is not my friend. Now, as I failed at the brass, my light was leaving, and my forge was setup outside because it was a nice day, so I grabbed the closest piece of metal ( a thin piece of 15N20) and tried to forge that into a did not cooperate, so I just kind of forced it into a guard shape, and said it would be a forever reminder of my frustration and failure that night.... I then drilled through it (I don't have a drill that was a pain too haha), and then filed away, until it fit my tang. Next was the handle.... I got a nice piece of blackwood for this blade (thought it would like striking with a brass we know that didn't work out haha). So, without a drill press, I placed my block of wood in my vice, and tried to use my powerdrill to punch through both ends. That became quite the struggle, and after a lot of fighting, switching bits, and changing which angles I was drilling at, I sort of had a path for my tang to go through. However, it wasn't wide enough, and my file broke on me....(cheap files are definitely a lesson learned), so I thought, well, might as well try a burn through...only problem, my forge was off and cool, and all I had for a heat source was a little plumbers torch..... Lets just say my patience lasted to about 3/4ths of the way burned through...and then the hammer came out. Proceeded to accidentally crack my handle out came the epoxy. (I attached everything before I cleaned my guard up....ugh). Today, after I let my epoxy set for 24+ hours, everything was held nice and tight together, so out came the angle grinder again, as I worked the guard the little I could, and the handle material. Then I took it home, polished it up by working my way up to 2500 grit sandpaper on the edge, and am now, finally, sharing my second attempt at making a blade, with all of you! (Will also attach a picture below that has my first and second blades sitting side by side). Thanks for reading, and I hope you all enjoyed my story! Blade is made from 1095 Guard is made from 15N20 Handle is Blackwood
  3. Hoping not to be the only person working metal in my island hometown.
  4. Hi! I'm Janghas from London and I am looking for help in learning to smelt cassiterite concentrate (tin). I'm looking for any schools, courses or private teachers from were I can get a hands on feel of the process involved. I can travel in the UK and would like to have any feedback that could help. Thanks.
  5. MeargleSchmeargle

    Visitor from TFF!

    Hello everyone! I'm MeargleSchmeargle From TFF (The Fossil Forum, very similar to this one). Sent here by Stumping Iron if anyone knows him. Here to see what it's all about!
  6. abraham303

    Colorado Blacksmiths?

    Hello. My name is Abraham. I am looking for somebody to mentor me in becoming a blacksmith. I live in Colorado and I work fulltime but doing this kind of work I have found has sparked an interest in my heart. I am currently a glazier but I know that I can expand my knowledge in craft and skill. I want to learn how to make anything from knives to amazing works of art. It is an art that I want to learn. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I see lots of things people are making online. I want to be a part of that. I am a dedicated worker and learner. But for the most part I do not have money or the space to learn this skill at our glass shop or at my apartment. HA. But I know there are many blacksmiths out there who are willing to teach the art to somebody who is willing to give their attention to and hear what they have to say. If anybody who lives in Colorado would like to teach me this skill I am more than willing to give it my best shot! Thank you very much and have a great day -Abraham
  7. Hi There, My name is Richard Medina. I am 19 years old, turning 20 in June, and I'm looking to start reaching for a certain dream of mines and take up Blacksmithing. After some unsuccessful searches through craigslist, google, newspapers, etc. trying to find somebody locally to Apprentice under I've decided to check out some blacksmithing forums to see who is around locally. Hopefully to help guide me through the processes, teach me what I need to know. Because, being fully honest, I don't even know where to start.
  8. LastRonin

    First forge meeting results.

    I went to my first ever blacksmith group forge meeting. Met some great people, learned a lot and made the following items (pictures below): 2 nails 2 matching(sorta, they're about an 1/8" off in length :( ) brass brushed wall nail hook leaf tipped wall nail hook leaf tipped hanging hook (fits a pot rack we have in our kitchen) Both leaves brushed with brass wire brush. All hooks were rubbed warm with beeswax. I had so much fun and learned so much. If I hadn't been hooked before... making these hooks have guarranteed it. I left all but the end hanging leaf hook with them for them to sell at an event they'll be demonstrating at next weekend.