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  1. it's the blight of this site. same ones always. ignore is your friend and i use it for all the self proclaimed 'curmudgeons' no matter their expertise. I'll figure out stuff on my own before i put up with that. and then you complain when people wont answer your questions, when in fact they did, you are just rude and ignore them. Not to mention you do not seem to help anyone yourself, So be it.
  2. good thing about being left handed is that you get pretty good at using both hands since most of the world is right handed. kind of like forced ambidexterity. I have two anvils that face opposite ways and only really thought about it now because of this thread. I hammer with both hands. right hand for power left hand for finesse. slowly getting better 'smithwise' with both.
  3. like it. why does it look like 1/2"(or so)was added to bottom of leg? ranger springs inferior? my beater truck is 90 ranger long box and i have hauled more firewood and dirt in that thing than most would dare put in a full size truck and never tweaked a spring....or even burned up a clutch for that matter. I had such a load of dirt one day that even the sidedump truck drivers in the cut gave me a 'air horn ovation'! great old truck.
  4. look like twist tongs. if so may not have been hot enough for 'twist'. i have broke one same way.
  5. my propane tank not done yet but i'm going with two 3/4" t burners. i think one works per 350cu/in and 20# tank is 580 cu/in i believe.
  6. thanks for this thread! i had been collecting materials to build the 'ray clontz grinder' shown at anvilfire but now i think i would be better off just getting the kalamazoo belt driven version without motor for $279. i prefer the belt drive idea anyway so i can put motor where i want it like underneath in a cabinet like i did with my bandsaw.
  7. i have read that the hand of a tall man( 6'5" in your case)'hangs' nearly the same height as a man who is much shorter and of a man much taller. so wouldn't working height be similar?
  8. very good video. just reading some comments on your videos it is obvious you are a big help to a lot of folks...me included. thanks
  9. make some of jock dempsey's twist tongs. real easy and work quite well.
  10. look nice. they rigid or do they flex?
  11. i went ahead and put sheet metal sleeve inside with one inch of air space all way round and now it never gets too warm to touch. i ran it all night, and now i feel much better that the wall it penetrates will never heat up due to the forge. i will wrap it in something the days not in use to keep cold out. the forge will be clean and cold and no risk to fire.
  12. Yes, it has little door on it but thinking of making polystyrene cover for it when not in use since I had to go through north wall.
  13. Hey guys, I recently finished up my side draft and it works real well. The horizontal is 12"x14" that I made from filing cabinet and the vertical is 26guage galvanized 10" duct. The horizontal penetrates through 2x4 framing with drywall on inside and vinyl siding on outside. It's wrapped inside and out with sheet metal flashing.Li ke I said it works well and horizontal don't seem to get terribly hot and cools quickly after air blast quits, but I think as an extra precaution I would like to insulate the horizontal from the opening out past the framing and vinyl a couple inches to keep it cooler yet and wondering if others here had done anything similar. My idea before I hear from others is to make 10"x12" sheetmetal sleeve inside the horizontal with one inch air gap all around from door to couple inches outside the building. Like to hear what you all think. Thanks in advance.
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