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  1. Yeah I agree. Waiting on a good deal is a great thing. The Church window anvil was worth the wait
  2. Well yeah, didn’t think the baby would come out with a hammer in hand. Thanks Frosty
  3. Thank you. Yes I am praying for a healthy baby and rest in about 10 months.
  4. I can see the sparks are starting to fly round here
  5. Confirmed today that my wife is pregnant with our third each. I have two with previous and she has two with previous. Hopefully it’s a boy because I am the end of the branch on this side of the family. 0 for two so far. I love my girls though.
  6. I have not used it much but what little I did it seemed to coke up nicely and very little clinker. Once I get the big forge built I can put it to the test.
  7. I just bought some in central Alabama for 10¢ a pound. You have to pickup. Seems to be pretty good. Smoked when I started it up but after it started burning the coke it was nice clean and hot.
  8. Perhaps I should have said the turn of the century way. Open shop with a church window on a cedar stump, hand crank blowers standing beside a granite base holding a fire pot. No electricity or gas. Just a man learning an ancient craft.
  9. Just called Moore coal and it is $10.50 per 100 pounds or $210 per ton
  10. Jasper area. I am currently building the base for my forge and the shop around it as well. Hopefully going today to get a big cedar stump to bury in the ground about a foot for my anvil. I am sort of brand new, I worked in a tool shop in high school running a gas forge and a power hammer but now i want to do it the old way with a few modern tools like a hand crank blower and a post drill.
  11. Looking for some coal around the Birmingham area. Willing to get a pickup truck load if the price isn't too bad. Would be happy to shovel it into my truck as well if I had too.
  12. I sure have. Belong to the Tannehill forge.
  13. Welcome. I lived not to far from Athens. About 45 northeast from there but I moved about 4 hours away in Alabama. I do visit family that still lives there from time to time.
  14. I am just getting into the old way of blacksmithing. I have been taken under the wing of another blacksmith. I love starting the forge with flint and steel. The aroma of the coke burning. I am a novice and have much to learn but I am throughly enjoying the journey. I am currently building my own blacksmith shop and forge. Any Alabamians out there, feel free to give a shout.
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