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  1. If somebody can read danish here a article concerning those type of knife. But from what I understand the one they found date back to 2000 years ago. http://www.ingruna.dinstudio.se/filearea_22.html Beside one or 2 other mention of those knife in history (from memory, I wasn't able to refind the sources) it seem that the knife wasn't use in the viking ages (before, at least for a long time and after) or anywhere else for that matter. There also a pretty good conversation on this type of knife and it's place in history on Myarmoury.com (the link for the danish article comme from there) : http://www.myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=21112&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Thank every one for your input and your time, now I have enough backing/ammo to try to change the way people see those knife (at least in my small part of the world). Of course if people find more info please post it.
  2. I remember having seen one in a grave excavation in germany (not personnely but in picture) that date around the V or VI century but that about it as far as archeological find that I remember. I also wasn't able to find a lot of documentation concerning those knife in any historical sourcess. I will keep looking. If any of you have more info please let me know. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'm trying my luck here and asking for your help, if possible . I'm part of a viking reenactment group and there a heated discussion concerning this type of knife. They're those who argue that there historicly accurate and other who say they are not. For my part I long believe because they are easy to make and where, supposedly, found before the viking age, they were still possibly found in this time periode. My research found me wrong, now it's my job to explaine that to the rest of my group. What I'm trying to find out is when and where was that type of knife use. Where there only use before the viking age or did they come back afterward. Where they use un more recent time. Also there a rumor sayinf that those type of knife are a more recent invention, like in the past 30 year. Here the quote from a different website. : "The story I've been told behind that knife (though a much more elegant version) is that it was designed by a famous dutch smith some 30 years ago, who has been selling them at Viking markets since. It proved very popular, so as it happens a lot at these markets, everybody else started copying it ". Is there someone else whom heard something in in that direction. I would be very gratefull for any information concerning those knife and thank you for your time.
  4. Hello everyone, I've got a kind of weird question, I'm trying to find when was the first bottom draft/blast forge use. I don't need the exact date but a rought time line would be great (ex.: middle of the 12 century). So if someone know anything, please let me know, thanks. Herdebreid
  5. Thank everyone for the answer. I should start the project in a couple of week (if the new baby leave me time to work).
  6. Hello, I have to build a square type anvil, so that it can be use in our 15th century reenactement group (that will also be use in a 10th century set up). The first problem that I have is what steel to use. Do I start from a single block of one type of steel or do I make the base from one softer type steel and the working face with a harder one. Also for the size is it really necessary to respect the anvil weight to hammer weight ratio (30 to 1). I have to keep in mind that a I'm the one carring it around. The second problem is fixing it to the wooden support. I could use the standard hole in the corner and fixed it with nail or something similar. Or I could fixe a kind of large spick in the middle of the anvil and push in the support. Just don't know witch one would be more durable and easy to transport. That my problems for now, hoping to hear yout suggestion. Nick.
  7. My wife is 2 months pregnant and would like do a little smithing with me in my new smithy. She has followed courses before. We are using a coal forge and regular steel. Is anybody aware of possible risks / hazards related to pregnancy ? I am planning to have her out of the smithy while I light up the fire and do other stuff that produces smoke. I don't see how the usual heating and hammering could be risky, but I am wondering...
  8. Hello every one from up north (Quebec, Canada), I'm just starting up with blacksmithing, I've got a couple of week-end workshop under my belt and will soon finish settinf up the smithy so I can start to have fun. I've been consulting your forum for a couple on months now and man did I learn a lot of new stuff. I'm a mechanical designer in my every day live, so I'm already use to steel. I don't have a precise interest in blacksmithing , I just like forging in general, transforming something in something else giving it a new live. So I will keep reading the forum and learn more form you guys. And if one day I fins my self good enough maybe post some of my works.