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  1. So I have built a 5 gallon bucket forge using Larry zoellers design and I emailed and called him about ordering a burner flare a Ward tee pipe a choke plate and a connection kit but he hasn't responded. Does anyone know any other sources to get these from?
  2. I have always heard of people having special rules for anvils like "no cast iron" or "the stand needs to be wood" are there any reasons for all the special rules for having a good anvil?
  3. I haven't gotten a response of zoeller either does anyone have any info on this?
  4. I did some more research and with the help of my neighbor I am going to build Larry Zoeller's simple gas forge design.
  5. I Have an anvil that I would like to identify also it is in the metal shop at my high school.
  6. I think I really like the traditional London pattern.
  7. Alright I have to wait till i get my pay check on the 14th and I will buy it that very day.
  8. Thanks for your help. Is there any other forges that I could buy. Also if I insulated it with better insulation (like some kaowool) any other suggestions? I changed my mind i am going to buy a diamond back forge ( unless it has any problems that you guys know about)
  9. Does anyone have an opinion on the majestic forge 2 burner knife maker deluxe propane forge? Does anyone know of any other propane forge that is "Cheap"? Thanks for your help P.S I would make one but I'm not very good at building things yet.
  10. Does anyone know of any company thanks makes anvils anymore? Are they any worth buying?
  11. Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend to spend the day learning the basics of blacksmithing. I really enjoyed this class. We made several tools that we can use in the future and it also got me interested in making my own propane forge. This class was very useful and helped expand my knowledge of blacksmithing. I learn the importance of tempering and heat treating and the importance of choosing and identifying the right kind of metal. I would like to thank Shane again for helping me learn about this great trade.
  12. Which Current (AC Dcep dcen etc) would be best for just welding steel? and which electrode (6010, 6011 etc would I use for which ever current I am using?
  13. I am in a metals class at the local high school and out of all the machines they have arc is my favorite and what is a tombstone someone post a pic also do you use different rods with different currents? And the one at harbor freight comes with a chipping hammer a helmet and a brush
  14. I have 2 machines that I have been eyeballing Pro-Grade Ultra-Portable 100-Amp Electric Arc Welder - 110V , from amazon 270-amp-arc-welder Chicago Electric, from Harbor Freight Are these welders reasonable for my price range (200$ max) What is the difference between ac dc and dc+ Anyone know a good helmet?
  15. Does any one know where I could but an actual anvil and not a railroad track for 60 to 40 bucks? Also equipped with a Pritchel and hardy or Hardie (which ever way)?
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