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  1. I once had a western screech owl get trapped in my shop (it's a harbor freight carport tent). Best I could figure is it snuck in when I was working late with the door rolled up one night. Bugs like to hang out around the lights. I went out to work one morning and it was all wrapped up in the bug strips. I caught him and let him go, he followed me around the property from tree to tree the rest of the day. He will still stop by and say hi now and again.
  2. Newbie from northern California

    Well, technically, I'm from Michigan. But I moved to CA a couple years ago. Anyway, I'm learning farriery from a gentleman who has been shoeing since '59, and wants to retire. He recently gave me an old anvil that belonged to his father, and I'm working on cobbling together a small propane forge for making flint strikers and working in the summer, and a bigger charcoal forge for fall and winter. I probably won't post much until I know what I'm doing, I like to research before I ask questions.