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  1. I love this idea. I have a whole box of forks to use. A set of these would be an awesome gift, may I borrow your idea?
  2. That's just to easy for you sir! Lol
  3. lol attack of the giants....he's really rad bud....very nice as always!
  4. Sweet or should I say swat lol...very cool as always pal!
  5. What happened? I've been gone a few months and now things are angry....! Lol....cool pieces Aus!
  6. Both your pieces are simply beautiful. The wrapped sword is one of the best pieces I've seen in a long time. Brilliant work sir!
  7. You went the wrong way, I was born in Vanburaine, grew up is So. Addison with a summer camp in Newfield and move to CT 30 years ago....2 more years and I'm heading even farther south to SC. Can do the cold anymore with my heart issues!
  8. That is very nice wana be! I like the way you did the split and loop.
  9. Uh ohhhhh! lol JHCC no way, sorry to hear that!
  10. I was referring to me slacking, being a slacker, not working enough, goofing around.....lol....not slacking my iron.
  11. Actually I think you have it backwards Frosty, I'm slacking way to much and not using my tank or hot tooling enough lol. Thank you for the link beech, I wasn't sure where to look in the forums. If I was working full time with the forge I am sure I'd go with the heater but it seems I'll just empty and fill when I do use the forge for now. Thank you gents!
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