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  1. Finaly i had a change to go back to the forge after way to long time. So i figuered out that it was a time to make something i could show to others (that is time of practice is over) :) so those are the blanks i made yesterday
  2. go to your forge, smith an flower vase or pot that wont sit anywere execept on that anvil, plant a flower in it and give it to your wife and when she moans about it wont stand anywere tell her that you have the perfect stand for it ;)
  3. if you are using ajusteble jig, you can start by 45° and see that is to steep so then you cut that in half or 22.5° if you still think that is not enough you change again and agin until you are happy then you wright that number and the thikness of the material dovn. there you are set on that thikness of steel then you repeat it for another thikness and so until you have built your own database!!! you cant ask other what you will be happy with
  4. i recomend that you read theese posts if you are lokking for books to learn from personaly i recomend book called A Blacksmithing Primer by Randy McDaniel http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_9?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=a+blacksmithing+primer&sprefix=A+blacksm%2Caps%2C425
  5. youtube link on this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXbLyVpWsVM
  6. what i tend to think when i finis something is "would i be reddy to pay for that if someone elese had done this" is my set step for when it is "good enough" if i am reddy to pay or would like to get the iteam as a gift i consitter it as "good enough" if you are not your hardest critic someone elese will be and that is a tough bite to swallow
  7. thank you guys for the info and thanks a ton for the link Glenn i know that i should buy steel to work with but here in Iceland we have a bad habbit of putting everything that is sold into icelandic and in the translation it intend to change the meaning of the wordsfor example "tool steel is called i think macine steel here" and the contains of the steel is not given, atleast not in theyr website. other thing is for a nation of only 300.000 there are only 2 importers of steel adn i dont intend on begin the 3rd lol... so i searge every forum that i can find to build up my knowledge and use a scrap for stock as i am a mecanic and theese things are kind of thrown away. And for the last thing Stephen ive tryed to google and i have been reading usualy my last resource is to ask so if i would have found what i am looking for i wouldint have asked i understand the fustration of beging asked the same question over and over, but for a guy that dosent speak the language fluently or cant write it perfect the serge engens are kind of crap tools to use.... i apologise for your inconvenience if there are any and just keep looking
  8. I have been looking in forums about materials that i can forge which has high carbon and usually there are mentioned that a leaf and coil springs are best scrapyard metals to find because it is most often made out of i think 5160 steel which i understand has .60% carbon in... but what about other car parts like axles or crank and cam chafts? or bering chase´s?? Balls from realy big ball berings? i have lieing around some very big leafspring´s (from a trailer) is that usable? Hardox used in truck platforms? i just cant find any good jeep springs or small leafsprings finally has there been any post´s created on steel contents and what the number means?
  9. thanks. it kind of supports what the guys above said about my anvil begin PW
  10. Now I'm curious! I tried to let the ball bearing falling on my anvil and it jumped back up to 80%! is it good or just average?
  11. in this fire i was using coal ( filled the houst with smoke while i was geting it hot) lol yes i need to have some kind of damper for the air flow, it is burning coals very fast like this. the future plans has a blower whitch is in one of the pic above and i am going to have a swifch on it that allows me to run it at very low speed so i can controle the heat better...
  12. my live has a new meaning lol that genarates a huge heat it took less than a minute to get 10mm (3/8") bar to orange heat and man i had very nice 2 hours heating and hammering lol and managed to make a pair of very ugly looking tong and a very ugly looking coal rake.... thanks for the inspiration guys now it will be a lot of practice this pic is taken when i was quitting and had turned the blower off which is btw a hairdrier
  13. you dont find that many anvil´s here!!! usualy there were 1 in each village but most of them have been buried with trash and the ones that survived are in use by the guys that are into blacksmitting... i just got lucky i know about guys that have been looking for years for one
  14. i am in Iceland and i know it was brought here by Norwigean Whailers (Whaile fishermen)
  15. i just got this anvil and i havend weighed yet but i would guess ig is between 70-80 kg (140-160 lbs) sorry about all those pic only thing i know about it is "it is made before 1928"