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  1. Thanks Frosty...once I get I to the new shop I will have ample storage and a conditioned building so I can make some up and not have to worry with moving it around when it's in the way. I am planning to post pictures of the new in the shop pages once I get move, late August-September timeframe, so keep an eye out. I am more excited and anxious to get in the shop than I am the house!!
  2. I've been meaning to make up some other form of natural finish. I believe I have seen recipes floating around this forum, it's one of the things on my list once I get into the new shop.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate any and all. I had thought about a wider/fatter end to the hook but showed the client the smaller hooks prior to finishing it and they liked it the way it was. They also like the grinder marks as well. Not sure how well it can be seen in the picture but I also left the straw/blue/purple coloring from heating it up for the final beeswax coating. There are some things I would have done different if I were hanging it in my house, but it is what the client wanted and happy with. Thanks for the comments!
  4. I like those...I really like the brass looking finish to the bull heads, really sets them off!
  5. Just finished this for a guy at work...it is hard to tell from the picture, but I used the grinder to put some design on the face and then put back over the fire to give it a little color before i put the beeswax coating on it. The piece of deck board is not part of the hanger...that was just something to mount it to for the picture.
  6. I will be moving in the next couple of months to what will be out last house. It has 20x32 shop with a concrete floor and counter/cabinets/work bench already running down the longest length of the shop. My father-in-law used to run his wood shop out of the building so there is plenty of outlets (he had several large Grizzly shop tools) and even a few 220 outlets so there is options for where to put other equipment/tools. I know that this will be our last home since it is the one that my wife grew up in and her dad built when she was little and we were offered to buy it from the current owners. In the interim i will use the break drum forge that I built years ago when I first started out smithing. My initial plan was to build a permanent brick or stone shop forge, but I guess my question is would it be better to just build a freestanding table forge made of metal? Also, if I go with the brick/stone side draft (similar to the one in the blueprints section) does the chimney have to go straight up or can it turn and go out the side of the building? I think straight up may be easier, as the building is cinder block, but i would like to see what my options are. Thanks!
  7. Here is my new addition, 146 lb Peter Wright!
  8. dpmcginn75

    PW Anvil2

    146lb Peter Wright
  9. Loved the show Ric!! you did an amazing job!!
  10. The shop looks great!! I am in the process of improving/setting up what little shop I currently have. I do have one question for you though, What kind of forge is the round forge that I saw in one of the pictures, the one with the gears under it. I just recently picked one up at an auction the other weekend. It is not complete and not in the best shape but I only paid $7 for it.
  11. I dont know much (anything) in the way of anvils, but I do know that other than the sag on the face it is in about as good of shape as the one I am beating on now. Couldn't tell you anything about it as I found mine next to my wife's grandma's barn and there are no markings on it. Mine only weighs about 35 lbs according to the bathroom scale. Using it to get by until I can make enough money off of it to buy a "good" anvil.
  12. This is a hatchet I made for a guy at work to take hunting. The head is obviously a rr spike and the handle I made out of an old baseball bat.
  13. Thanks, it was here at the house that we are renting. the house used to be my wife's grandfather's, I wish I had gotten into smithing before I hauled all the junk to the scrap yard <_<. I had thought about the lip and it being dificulty to get the coal over it, I am thinking about using some of the kitty liter clay mix around the lip, sort of like a ramp.
  14. Last summer I posted pics of my forge set up and was asking about some advice. Well I have finally started to improve my forge. Let me know what you think and any more advice will be appreciated as always! The first pic is the old forge. The new setup has a 12" brake drum for firebox, 2" black iron piping for tuyere and an old oil stove blower with a dimmer switch to regulats the speed. more pics to come as progress continues. I am going to use a kitty liter clay mix to line the firepot a little to help keep the coal to fall as old is burned up and put some kind of lip around the table to keep extra coal fro fallinf off.