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  1. I finally got around to putting a handle on this blade i made a while back.
  2. Amazing work. I've been planning to forge a dirk soon. Your sheath in particular inspires me!
  3. I'll have to remember that for next time.
  4. So, I went to get that anvil and I just got back. I arrived at the gas station we agreed to meet at 10 minutes earlier than we agreed to meet. So I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more. A grand total of an hour and a half of waiting. Finally I went into the store and asked to use a phone, I called the seller and guess what he said.... he already sold it. Darn him! He could have at least told me he sold it before I drove 30 miles.
  5. I am going to see this anvil tommorow. What is it worth? I believe it to be a colonial anvil and would like to know approxamitely how much I should offer for it. Thanks.
  6. Here are a pair of rebar tongs I forged last Saturday.
  7. This is a decorative punch with a handle that I forged today.
  8. How exactly would one go about making threads in a forge?
  9. Thank you metalmangler.
  10. WayneCoe - "The most usefull tongs are the ones that fit the work that you are doing at the time." - My point exactly. they seem fit more pieces of steel than most other styles of tongs. except maybe wolfjaws.
  11. I have found these tongs to be some of the most usefull in my collection.
  12. Some guys over in Chat wanted me to post a few pictures of a few random things that I have forged lately. So here they are guys. They may not be much but here they are. Feel free to critique anything that you see wrong with something that I have forged.
  13. Wow thanks Zahg! That is awesome! Thanks for the Drawings! That top drawing is how I think i'll build it. Now all I have to is watch craigslist for Corrugated sheet metal and chain link top rails. Thanks!
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