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  1. Did you sort this out? I have the exact same issue now. Was gonna use 16mm solid round bar, but not sure it's rigid enough.
  2. Really lovely Beth. Especially like the flower in the centre!
  3. Delboy

    My First Tongs

    Really cool idea. I'm deffo gona make a pair1 :)
  4. Very nice work! Nicely finished too!
  5. Thanks guys. I think having a nice variety of stuff will help sell more. :)
  6. Got to upload the original files which are huge, but not the reduced ones. Go figure!
  7. For some reason i could only upload 5 pics. Can't upload the last three. Any ideas anyone?
  8. Hi All. Just thought i'd put a few photos of some work i've done since i started smithing last Nov. Having set up my forge and have a good few tools made i have started designing stuff with a view to selling ( these prototypes will decorate my house. The hanging basket bracket and the towel rack are my design, the towel rack is my most recent project. The rest are from courses i have done. Still all my own work. Cheers Del
  9. Thanks guys for the welcome! :) BTW Frosty, by "completed" i meant that i have my vise, anvil and hearth all set up . I find every time i want o make something new i have to make at least one tool to do it. I also have a good collection on scrap already and always on the lookout for more. :D I'm actually giong to a forge-in the weekend after next for two days. Really looking forward to it.
  10. Hello all. I thought i'd introduce myself after being on her for a little while. I'm Delboy from Kilkenny in Ireland. I got bitten by the blacksmithing bug back in Nov last year on a 4 day traditional ironwork course. Since then i have done a few day courses elsewhere and have recently completed setting up a forge in my shed out back. It's taken a while to get ti all set up, but in am happy now that i am well on the way to fulfilling my drea of being a blacksmith. I reckon in a few years i may be able to call myself one. :) Anyway, i'll put some photos of my forge and some work i've don
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