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Found 5 results

  1. I found an ad for a used anvil for $150 which has damage but also weighs 140 pounds. I don't see a manufacturer's name and the seller does not know the name either. I am new to blacksmithing and I have been trying to find a decent, affordable anvil to start with. I want to use it for working with rebar. Any thoughts or feedback on whether I should buy or pass on this anvil would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello there, i am opening this post to get your opinion on a used rusty power hammer i found in the northern part of my country. since Cyprus has never really had a lot of manufacturing as an island it is extremely difficult to find a used power hammer here, but on the other hand Turkey is the country that manufactures the Sahinler hammers so i thought it would be a good idea to look for one over there.. In the end we didn't even look for it, this one was found by accident when my father was passing by. anw to cut a long story short we went to see it yesterday and found out that it belonged to a public school that is now closed for the main part but opens only on Mondays. so we are going to talk to them so as to ask for a purchase price. but before i do that i wanted your opinion if this hammer is worth the trip and if yes how much is it worth.. what is the maximum price one should pay for this? as you will see in the images below the condition is quite bad since it has been sitting outside for more than five years probably but it hasn't been opened on the inside to steal any parts (except for the motor at the back). Another thing is if you happen to know which is the manufacturer and if they produce good hammers. i did some research and found a couple of manufacturers who produce similar models and here are the links. : (this is the Astrakhan which is very similar to the one i found with the same model number, just a few extra letters. mine is M4129 while here is MA4129A. SO i am guessing that this is the manufacturer.) does anyone know these hammers? what can you say about them in general. After viewing the images do you think it is possible to repair this hammer and bring it back to working condition? Any advice or comments on the subject will be appreciated. thanks for reading.
  3. I am a beginner to the iron-working arts and I am looking to put together my own smithy for a wide variety of projects, everything from period recreations to modern items, tools, small farm implement repair (lots of farms in the area for work), etc.. One of the most necessary items that I can't seem to find is a good anvil. Here's some more information: I live in Western MI (north of Muskegon/Grand Rapids) Son of a retired Ferrier (many tools and his anvil were sold before my interest was sparked [sorry for the bad pun]) I am looking to get something in the 100-200# range, preferably something towards the lighter side for a starter anvil since I will most likely be carrying it should I need to move it anywhere and at first I'll only be working smaller projects anyway I have checked many online resources and can't seem to pin down a good price range, I've read on these forums that $2-6/lb is standard for new anvils and that's why I'm looking for a good used one if it is available, as money is a bit of an issue for now Any other information and good sources for tools, raw materials, etc. would be appreciated, but my major focus right now is getting a budget for a beginner shop together and the cost of the anvil seems like a major factor Thank you, Jacob Hornbrook
  4. Hey guys, I acquired an anvil a while ago that is in very rough shape and I don't really know anything about it other than it is so worn that i can't use it the way it is. My main question is what kind of metal is it made of is it cast iron, or cast steel or something else? I have some ideas for repairing it but I don't know if i want to even bother trying to repair it if it is cast iron. I did a rebound test on it and it seemed to get about about 50 percent with a ball peen hammer but maybe i was doing it wrong. it doesn't sound exactly like several pieces of cast iron that I hit but it definitely sounds more like them than it does like my piece of mine track sledge hammer R.R. tie plates etc. I searched the anvil over and over but have not found a single marking on it. This is most definitely the worst anvil i have seen in my life and cannot imagine what someone must have done to it to get it in this bad of shape, unless it is cast iron and they were cold forging on it. Here are some pictures of it, note the tong holes in the sides they may be indicators of something. If anyone could identify what kind of metal it is made of I would be very much obliged. Thanks in advance. Oh yeah, it weighs about 100 pounds by the way.
  5. In a couple of weeks time, I will be traveling a considerable distance to take a look into a used continuous furnace we are looking into buying. The furnace we are looking into is a Can-Eng Continuous Belt line. It is gas fired. Max temp is 960 C . The line consists of a cold loading entrance, hardening furnace, belt quench, post belt washer/temper. It will be re-bricked prior to shipment. This will be the first time we buy used machinery, What should we look at when visiting the furnace? and tips on what to pay special attention to? What documentation should we ask the seller to provide? Is there some kind of "buyers guide"? Maybe a list of questions that should be answered before actually buying the furnace? All your help is much appreciated! Thanks HRF