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  1. For what the HD Yost vise cost you could have a really nice used Athol, Columbian, Prentis or similar vintage vise that will likely hold its value better. Asking one vise to do it all is a tall order that will never be 100% for everything you want. Perhaps a post vise and a good swivel bench vise?
  2. You might find a small interest from those in the nursery business in a modified hay hook. A lot of ball and burlap trees have wire mesh type baskets. Having a hook about 18” or so comes in pretty handy.
  3. $26k for a 40x60 slab?! It would cost me half that with modest site grading at 6” here in the Midwest United States. Regional price differences never cease to amaze me. If I wasn’t such a tool hoarder a good shade tree would be my favorite smithy for a good chunk of the year.
  4. Work, nice weather, family obligations and hunting have delayed me on this project. However, Not completely slacking I was able to locate a used motor over the last few weeks and cleaned surfaces for Babbitt last night. Surprisingly there was no visible bubbling of the paint when I melted it off and the other painted surfaces appear unharmed.
  5. Don’t know that I’ve ever really noticed / looked for anything on the net for differences between the two, just know what’s comfortable to me (proper technique or not) and I prefer a shorter height when using both hands swinging a hammer for striking. Probably has a more similar feel as splitting wood with maul and wedges to me growing up I guess. Glad to hear your anvil is fine. I’ll feel better knowing a $20 piece of steel is being hit by someone who has never swung a hammer in my shop!
  6. Anvil - I’ve got a small group of teenagers eager to swing the sledge on some hot metal. Mind if we come over and use your anvil? It makes me cringe to think of them around my anvil! The other benefit to me is working height on my striking anvil being lower than that of my anvil. Perhaps I’m just used to it.
  7. I’ve got a couple more weeks to think about it. Worst case scenario I’ll touch up with some wet paint.
  8. Sand blasted and powder coated. One step closer! Any reason I couldn’t pour Babbitt over paint?
  9. That’s a fantastic find and will be a great reminder for you. However, shame on you for not being back a bunch more to take advantage of free shipping!! What are the current weight restrictions?
  10. What is the return pressure testing at prior to enter filter assembly? What is your filter rated for?
  11. The best option is to leave it alone! Try using it for awhile as is and see if it interferes with your work (highly unlikely).
  12. Couple packages came in the mail today! Motor mount, Babbitt, forming shaft, shims, and rebuilding video.
  13. Fowllife - I was thinking thirds as well. What are those metal Chanel strips on the inside edge of the forms to allow bending rebar out to connect to next slab and give a locking channel called? Seems like they could be useful in a scenario like this. Vibrascreed could be your new best friend - try one out sometime!
  14. Partially disassembled, hoping I don’t have to take clutch off. Don’t see any cracks in Babbitt on shaft from outside yet. Babbitt bearings on body were shot. Main body was dropped off last night for blasting and powder coating. Yes, that’s a bit of a splurge, but I think she’s worth it!
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