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  1. Sorry for the long wait, I got a little bit side tracked, however I got around to trying to forge weld and I think it was a success I did little grinding after so that's probably why it still looks like there is a crack, and I have not drifted the eye yet. When I get a little closer to being done, I will update.
  2. I made this out of a rail road spike, turns out it is not the best steel.
  3. I was thinking of trying that exact thing BillyBones. I will try again this weekend.
  4. No I have not made a tomahawk I guess I will try that project and see if I can get that to work in the forge.
  5. What I meant by a bigger forge was bigger but also another burner or two to help get it hotter.
  6. Latticiano, I did make doors for the forge after bending it, it definitely helped keep some heat in, but I guess it is just not enough heat, the forge I built with my dad, and sometime we are planning on building a bigger one for more heat.
  7. Yes in the same forge as in the back ground here. The steel in this image was not the welding heat I used, it was to big to fit in to the forge at this point so I just barely got it hot enough to bend the rest of the way.
  8. Yes, I have forge welded a 1095 and 15n20 damascus billet, but it was fairly small.
  9. Thank you, do you have any recommendations on how to clean the inside of the joint easier as well, I am having trouble getting it super clean, the hottest I could get it in the forge was a bright orange to yellow color, I tried it in a coal forge as well but the coal forge was to small and did not get it nearly as hot as the propane. Thank you for the advice I am 14 and just trying to learn.
  10. Today was the day I tried to forge weld it, I got my propane forge and put the steel in and heated up as hot as I could, I put flux on, I put it back in, then I took it out and started lightly tapping it and then hit it slightly harder, however no matter how hard I tried it did not forge weld, it just kept seperating, I had a saw blade as a shim and everything but still did not work, any more advice? I think the saw blade might have been m2. This is what it looks like after trying to forge.
  11. @BillyBones, did you have a shim in between the steels, did you use a certain flux, or did you just weld it as is?
  12. Ok, thanks I will try your suggestions next weekend.
  13. No, I was thinking the whole thing Spring steel folded over. I do have some High carbon that I could put in between the two pieces to get it to forge weld better if you think that would work.
  14. Ok I will try it, thank you for the response.
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