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  1. Looking for new jaws for a 6 1/2 inch Columbian bench vice. I found the vice in a scrap plie with nothing wrong but both jaws broken. Sure would like to save it versus scrap it!!
  2. I hear you on the expenses adding up...but only you can calculate the risk. IMO, damaged tools are dangerous and repaired ones are too. Last point here...how much work can you accomplish injured??? Just sayin'.... See what Sid/Keri have at LG. maybe look into the bottom die being one of his interchangables??
  3. I know that Little Giant is making their dies from 4140. Look at the LG website. Sid makes an interchangable die set. The base is keyed in and the die faces are hex bolted into place. Might give you an idea as welding is kinda permenant. Just an opinion...
  4. I just got back from Sid and Keri's class on rebuilding LG hammers. Great class, fantastic hosts. All the others in the class were wonderful people too. He does have a $95 DVD on rebuilding that is top notch as a class won't come around until next March. Of course as you have already experienced they will answer all sorts of questions and have expertise to offer. I bought a 25# that needs rebuilt and am now assembling all the materials for the rebuild. Glad I took the class, I feel ready to take on the task.
  5. If it gets dusty....there is the emergency Guinness!!!
  6. Hi Greg. There is a Place in your neck of the woods...Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point WI has classes there at differant times. March 26 and 27 at Scott County Park's Pioneer Village there is a hammer in. The park is north of Davenport Iowa. My link link is the parks, nothing listed on the hammer in. Check the UMBA website for further info on the event. Good luck and welcome!
  7. Check out the Feb/March issue of MotherEarth News. Fella there has an article and is a smithy. www.motherearthnews.com/charcoal
  8. I am curious, who makes touchmarks? I have done some looking around at blacksmith web sites and find nothing noting the sale of them. I would be curious to know who registers them and with who do you register them with? I think if I go to the work and expense of a 'mark', I want exclusive use of it. Oh, so to answer the original question, no I don't mark and date my items....yet!
  9. My question is a simple one from a guy learning. My post in no way is to attack Diamondback in a public forum, as you infer.
  10. I am sure it is simple, I know it has been done. I enjoy my Diamondback, 2 burner a lot. Tried some forging, very briefly when I could not get past orange color on the steel. I had the needle valve full open and the regulator set at 7 - 8 psi. My guess is I need to pump the fuel to it and boost the psi. What psi should I start at and where or what psi should I not pass? Any other hints will recieve hardy thanks!!! I was trying to weld 3 or 4 pcs of 1/8th rounds and am using anti-borax welding flux.
  11. Lets see....How will I use the hammer...well I could be a real smart ass on that one... I am doing some real basic things, may make a blade or two. I broke both wrists years back so I am really looking for a tool to keep me going if I tire out. I think drawing dies would be the best bet. I do like the thought of Sid's bolt on dovetail so I could interchange dies at some point. 781...I am the Park Manager at Scott County Park. I have set up a shop in my garage but use the Pioneer Village as well. Most likely will see you in the spring at Hammer In. I am signed up for Sid's class in Ma
  12. Here are some photos of the hammer. It was first bought in 1916. It appears to have what some call plow dies. I reckon I should switch these out??
  13. I finally found a good deal (all relative, HUH?) on a 1930's LG25. No power source though. It ran on a line shaft system in the day. It came from a blacksmith shop that operated in the 1930's and 40's in Kellog, Iowa by the Hammer brothers. NO JOKE, their name is Hammer. I bought it from the nephew, who is 80 years old. Had a great time buying it too, spent several hours talking hunting, fishing and 'smithing. Got the hammer for $1000 and it was easy location for me, 2 hours from home. 1) What motor do I need? Wanting to stay 110 due to my electrical and space limitations at my reside
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    What are the dimensions? Looks like well applied space for working.
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