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Honey I shrunk the anvil

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After the departure of my 500# columbian anvil ( a begining knife smith bought it and wanted to know if it was perhaps too large, I can't fathom his thinking but I didn't talk him out of either). Mr Wright is shown celebrating his removal from under the platen table after many a year.:P
The 165 pedinghaus no longer feels slighted , so all in all the shop is none the worse off.
The PW is mounted on a base scrounged from around the place. 10'' sq tube filled with concrete and a 2'' steel plate on the bottom, about 300 lb. I've seen many anvils held down via chain bondage before and they require a turnbuckle . Not wanting to venture out in the blizzard today to spend $20 $30 on one, I came up with a simple alternative.......................mb



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Nice alternative. One thing, though. Will the concrete hold up, on the top of the pedestal? I have heard that it would compact and turn to dust. Just curious. B)

The pedinghaus has been on concrete for 30 years, but it does have a piece of wood between it and the concrete. Think I'll do it to this one as well, thanks. I'm not always a keen observer of the obvious :blink:
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