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Hammer Die Material ???s

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I'm getting ready to make up or have made up a set or two of dies for a 100ish pound pneumatic power hammer. The anvil and end of the tup are 6" round and drilled and tapped with two 5/8" holes each to secure the dies. My question is what is the best option for die material and why. I was going to make some 6" round backing plates and weld the dies to them, but I am concerned about the loosing the hardness of the die material or the weldabliity of the $$$ tool steels.

I've heard arguments for making the dies from S7 and H13 as well as 4140. I'd love to know everyones thoughts on this as well as ideas to attach the dies.

many thanks,

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I know that Little Giant is making their dies from 4140. Look at the LG website. Sid makes an interchangable die set. The base is keyed in and the die faces are hex bolted into place. Might give you an idea as welding is kinda permenant.
Just an opinion...

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