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I Forge Iron

looking to learn blacksmithing (Madison, WI)

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Hi Greg.
There is a Place in your neck of the woods...Shake Rag Alley in Mineral Point WI has classes there at differant times.

March 26 and 27 at Scott County Park's Pioneer Village there is a hammer in. The park is north of Davenport Iowa. My link link is the parks, nothing listed on the hammer in. Check the UMBA website for further info on the event.

Good luck and welcome!

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Here is some information that may be of value to you!
The rules that govern life seem to imply that you will only get out of something, what you put into it.
Same is true with learning the blacksmithing craft.
It will cost you time, money, burns, and sweat to learn the craft. All depending how far you take it.
Here is some places that I suggest that you contact to get the ball rolling that is near you.

* Beginners Workshops: http://oldworldwisconsin.wisconsinhistory.org/Workshops/Blacksmithing.aspx

*Golden Hammer Forge 6600 Kopp Rd, Waunakee, WI 53597 1(608) 849-7879
2000 Fordem Avenue.Madison, WI 53704-4600. BR 1 (608) 280-2750
* Wisconsin Iron Works • Pewaukee, Wis USA • 1-262-370-6200 Wisconsin Iron Works
We make custom ornamental branding irons and other useful steel products made in America. We also make old fashion cannonball gate keepers, door stops and openers. Each project or item is handcrafted to strict specifications and quality standards. Hand bent out of high quality American Steel and welded by experienced artisans. Your personalized brand will be a work of art.

I feel you could get some information from the above people that could at least head you in the right direction.
I wish you the very best in your journey!
Ted Throckmorton

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www.umbaonline.org is having a two day event this weekend at S Beloit, IL
Rich Furer is the demonstrator
Going to forge knives and talk heat treat
You can go to either day or both
I am a member but will not be able to go
Not sure how many members there are in and around Madison I live 7 hour to the west in MN
Bob Bergman has a large shop at Postville, Wi but I dont believe he would let you forge there

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I hope you made it to the UMBA event this weekend. I believe we talked about it Friday afternoon, but I don't recall meeting you there. I am not sure who has shops in the Madison area, but down in the Beloit area there are several guys with shops. If you made it to the event this weekend, then you know how to get to Jim Ribordy's place. He typically has an open forge night in his shop on Thursday nights. If you don't mind driving a couple of hours, Dave and Babe Brandon host a get togther once a month at their place near Rock Falls Ill. You can get addresses for both shops off of the umbaonline website. Feel free to contact me directly via email for more info.

Patrick Nowak

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I learned from a teacher (Paul Marx) at MATC near the Oscar Meyer factory. The school bought all the equipment and for a time had the classes going. I would call there and see if they still run the "forging" class one night a week.
I t was a struggle later on to keep eight folk coming once a week...the program may have died...not sure.
Paul retired and sold the equip to the school..then the class was taken over by a few other smiths who taught...maybe the college wishes to begin it again?

It was an evening class once a week for three hours...nice opportunity to tip toe into the craft. I took the classes while at UW-Madison.

That said...join UMBA and fins locals who have a shop. Go to meetings and ask for anyone interested in having you come to their shop and learn or help or what not.


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