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  1. Thanks for breaking things down this way. This is easier to remember ,. I'm gonna write some of this down on my chalkboard,in my shop. It was a good read. Appreciate that. Hope other's tske the time to read it .
  2. Your correct about using a stall mat and silicone. It's amazing what that stuff will do. I have worked in heavy industry,all my life. Been a Boilermaker over 25+ years., and have seen silicone do things that you wouldn't believe . It will out last 1 inch thick tile . It will still be there and it's getting blasted with coal dust out of the pulverizer. The silicone will still be there and the tile will be worn down to,the housing. It absorbs the vibration and can take a beating. I'm in the process of building a tire hammer and I gotta big crack in ,my shop floor, so I'm gonna cut out the concrete where I'm gonna place my hammer. So it want crack the rest of the floor . I'm gonna use the stall mats ,myself. And silicone . So I appreciate the good news on using silicone ,and felt washers under the anchor bolts. I'm gonna beef things up ,simply cause I need to cut some expansion joints ,for where my floor is cracked anyway. Just so it don't bust it anymore ,plus it's unlevel now. So that section must go. Cause I'm to OCD to shim anything . I've got to do,things as perfect as I can.
  3. The foundry used to pour out ,what they called a Pig,. But it was basically the slag and impurities that were left in the bull ladle. They would pour it out into a big mold ,much like a cupcake paper thing ,. But they would shovel in that black sand ,that they used to,make the molds, and pour this crud out into the pig mold,. Then stick a looped bar into it, so,when it cooled they could jerk it out of thr mold. Each one weighted about 600 pounds , I used 4 of them to anchor my floating duck blind ,in the river. I wondered what someone might think ,a couple 100 years from now , when the find them laying there.
  4. Make someone a present like 99 said. And it will be here long after we are gone. A ten minute job On a piece and your momma or whoever will treasure that thing and make sure it goes to someone That appreciates it when They pass away. But of course. I try to not highlight That it only took me 30 minutes to make That banana tree holder or less on the spring stock I turn into bread baskets to set on the dinner table. We live in a throw away world nowdays. And a gift like 99's candle holder. That type item will Be cherished When we are all gone. Someone will say " my daddy or uncle made that " hopefully helping to keep the craft alive in the future. Just my thoughts. But _I may be biased seeing how I'm 5 th generation in the trade as a profession. But people love this stuff. The ones that Don't. Well. They get something that probably want Be around 10 yrs from now. Women are easier to make stuff for anyway. As gifts. Those old uncles usually have something to say. So they get a gift card if I draw their name at Christmas. Lol Need To be working on stuff right now. But I get so many Good ideas from folks on here. I gotta keep checking y'all work. Thanks for sharing. 99.
  5. I use anti seize and spray it down with Kroil. Makes everything slick. But That combo came to use. Because that's what we use at work. Not saying its the best or even right place to use It. But it is a great combo. The anti seize of the key sure helps when removing it. And I work in a coal fired steam plant. So plenty of fly ash to get into everything everywhere. But the hammer in the shop. Has anti seize and kroil oil applied. But depends on who uses it That day.too
  6. Great gift idea. And as someone said, its a Good design to teach. I need to get my butt in gear on Christmas presents. Cause it's post Like this that give me alot more ideas and makes me think of who to give them too. Don't want to give everyone a Fredericks cross. At least Not at the same time. Scared They will compare the mistakes between them. So I Like to give everyone something different. They can swap later if one decided They had To have a certain piece. Keep posting the Good work.
  7. I was always taught that if You grind one weld on anything, down smooth that is. ,that you will or should grind them all after that. So I too use my stick machine To apply limbs and such. But reheat them And try to draw the dogknots,( technical term for globs ) back down. A tig is the perfect way To attach things. Cause you can wash things away and blend welds into other things. But even though I make my living as a tig welder. I Don't have one at home. So I use a little mig alot on things. Cause my AC stick machine can be a booger to make small tacks.
  8. Thanks guys. I got you now. Forgot there was a picture of it on here. That thing gets hot being right over the top of the Forge. I'm gonna build a idle circuit too. With supports ,now That I know what I should do. Appreciate yalls input.
  9. Were You speaking about adding a 90 to the top of the already 10-12 in Pieces of pipe that came with the forge? Or are you meaning to just 90 outta the top and out 4-6 inches? I just figured by using a 45 And Then add the pipe that came with it. Would kick it out enough? Just wanting to Be clear.
  10. Hay bidden made some That sold thru Keen Kutter. They were called Blackjack Made in USA and soilid wrought. Or mine says That. The USA is the most prominent lettering/stencils still on my 1906 model. Hope that helps. Only Had the hay budden proof mark under the horn. The catalog for keen kutter is found online.
  11. I have one myself. 2 burner. With the brick. Same scenario happened to me. I relined it all. They are good for the money. Just needs to have the black iron angled over. Instead of straight up. Gets to hot. And needs a idle circuit too. But That's why they are cheaper than most. Nothing a person Can't redo on their own. If they saw fit to do. Think I'm gonna run copper or probably SS lines. Just cause we use It so much at work. And my pipefitter is better at bending tubing than I. Am. Lol
  12. I have the same Forge as the original poster has shown. Other than mine is a middle access ,straight thru the fire box. I had issues with the way the black iron pipe was letting gas slip In behind the top metal shell. Between the brick And it eventually allowed the brick to come off, due to the top metal warping some. So I relined it And sealed all the brick joints and made sure there wasn't any way gas could get between the top brick and top shell. I really Like This little forge. I only have one issue that I haven't addressed. The way the black pipe And bell reducers are mounted right on top. The adjustment controls. Get so hot that You can't touch them. But after reading yalls replies to the OP's questions. I believe, correct me if I'm messing up. But I need to put, say,? a.nipple in the top , with a 45 fitting and get the controls out from over the top of This rig. But I wasn't sure if that would allow the venturia effect to work as well. Seeing. How there Ain't any damper plates on top of the bell reducers. Where the torch modeled fittings are? Plus with a rubber hose connected directly to those controls. It catches a ton of heat. And I should know better than have a hose that close and above it anyway. So anyone done this to theirs? The black pipe will be on a 45 , but the flow will enter top dead center. On my 2 burner model. I need to put a needle valve idle inline to save fuel. But was gonna wait till I got the hard pipe out from over the forge, so much. So would that degree change effect the pull or mixing of fuel and O2? Or Like someone commented about. , That It may help to allow turbulence within What would be considered the mixing chamber ? Thanks In advance.
  13. This was a good read. Learned somethings. Got a few ideas,too. Wish I was still running the boiler shop at work. I could've made anything I wanted. I will build my own gas forge next time. And use some of the ideas from This post.
  14. I got some chalk board paint. Put It on plywood. And I can use big kids crayons. They draw with in tjr driveway with. I have the plywood on a layout table. And on the wall too. So I can play around making it all fit right. But I Don't do huge gates. But for various things. I can leave tjr chalk crayons on there. Use different colors for different pieces. And I can hold my pieces up against the board to check against it. If and when the chalk board get to heat scarred up. I can repaint it or flip It over. But I use my shop floor with that colored chalk at times. Just rather stay standing up most I can. The colors hejp me. Especially when doing mirror images of things. Just my way. Plus its easy And cheap. When I run out of plywood. I'm gonna see about hardier board. Concrete stuff. To lay on the table painted all chalkboard black. Anyone else use kids section items to layout things. ? I keep my draft table and tools for That on my desk. To transpose the measurments. And have a couple pieces of sheet metal for the HVAC Guy.
  15. Thanks for all the time to post pics. Love it. Some great ideas from those. Appreciate it alot.
  16. Thanks for the idea. Very nice gift. I Like to use the hammered paint spray as well. The & looks very nice. Think I will make some for my moms garden area they set around the fire pit.
  17. I like the suggestion of watching Westerns, Gunsmoke,even Dr.Quinn too. I see alot of household items that I make due to something I saw from such shows. Just whatever inspires You to do whatever. Play dough or modeling clay is helpful as well. To help figure out how to make things. I live in Tennessee and we have a battle site from the civil war within a 1/4 mile from my house. They have reenacted the battle and folks come from all over to see traditional camp sites as well. I get alot of inspiration from what is for sale to these reenactors. From tent stakes to spits to trammels. Etc You will make it your own. No matter where you saw It from. Cause its from you. Making tools is a great way too. You'll want to make something using your tools you made. I guarantee. Learn the basics and When in doubt of What to make from your scrap. Just check out those civil war pages That have pieces for sale. there is always something I Never thought of to make. From them. But I am interested in that stuff anyway kinda? But I've made a few things upon request from friends involved with That type thing. And I promise you That if You ever make a gift for someone Like That. And they use it at home or for whatever purpose. You'll get folks trying to get You to make other things That they can't find or need to be period correct during those things. My postmaster in my small town, of 240 ,she needed something for a event. A Dutch oven lifting device. that's What she called it. Lol Anyway. I was driven to make her the best thing I could. And learned alot by researching it. To Be accurate For their event. One thing leads to another and before long. You'll be outta scrap and Might be able to sell your work to buy new material or tooling. Good luck and Just keep your eyes open. If you Don't want to make hooks forever. Check out the civil war product sites. Even if you don't know of any such reenacted battles or whatever. It doesn't matter. I just used that as a example. Because we just had a group come here to shoot their canons, lately. And it inspired me to research some items they had displayed around their camps. Tripods for cooking over a fire are definitely needed by them all. Horse hoof picks out of RR spikes, even broached for women to hold scarfs on their body. So you don't gotta look far to figure anything out. And if its scrap your using. Your cost should be low for any mistakes you make. Remember this : experience is What you receive, usually , right after you needed it. Thought that was a good quote I saw on here. Stay hungry for items to make and things will appear from everywhere. TV, movies, YouTube site from mark aspery. Is a amazing thing. I have all his books. Just have fun and be open minded. The more you stay in the shop the more things will present themselves That are aching to be transformed into Your own art.
  18. I agree, That the questions asked do get some adverse answers at times. But the good answers usually outweigh the cluttered, uneducated ones. And I hope that most new people to the craft. Have actually read alot prior to asking their first question. I know I lurked and read alot for months it seemed, before ever posting any questions or Gave any advice Although I am a union Boilermaker And served my apprenticeshipthat lasted a little over 5 yrs. Long story, should've been only 4 yrs. Anyway, I'm a 3 rd generation Boilermaker and my grandaddy served 2 apprenticeships. 4 yrs of Boilermaker & 4 yrs of blacksmith apprenticeship also. This was right after WWII. And he had his own shop. So I worked for him while I was laid off working as a Boilermaker. Because the union didn't offer the blacksmith apprenticeship anymore. But my grandaddy was 1 of 2 in the whole local. And his father and grandfather were the local blacksmiths in our county. Anyway. As much training as I've had and the time spent working directly under a true blacksmith. I still after 28 yrs find it hard to explain the difference between. I don't have any certificates saying I serve my apprenticeship as a blacksmith from the international union. Like I do on graduating as a Boilermaker. It just wasn't offered When I came thru the trade. How I wish it was. Cause the day I received my diploma from the union. I rushed to show It to my grandaddy. Who was also my best friend too. He said he was very proud of me. And oh how I wish I had been able To go thru a second apprentice program to have a diploma as blacksmith. So the moral to my rant is : That even though I feel I'm as close and certified as I could get thru the programs from the union. I still am amazed at how some folks that are self taught, on here. The things they figure out and the great work They post. I feel I don't know Nothing. so as a card carrying member of the Boilermakers, blacksmiths,ironship builders, forgers and helpers. I enjoy the natural art some posses. And I understand the level That alot of advice is thrown around And the dangers that are present. Because I work in heavy industry in my job. And I Hope that folks do look For courses to take and find the right people to assist Them. Cause after all I've done. I am still looking into courses to take just for this. For when I get time and able to. Even if I do it once I retire. I want to continue to learn and absorb all I can till I'm unable to do it. Anymore. So to all the beginners to the advanced. Please continue and keep the spirit of the craft going. To take any classes you can. From metallurgy to design classes. Because the craft must evolve to stay alive. Technology And techniques change. But learning to use What we have available to present day blacksmiths. Is a blessing and also more dangerous than ever. Due to the web. Probably didn't make sense today with This post. Yet, a true craftsman never stops searching for ways to advance his knowledge. And some Ain't that serious. They want to make a knife or sword. And They may stop or Never complete That even. So anyone reading and taking advice from the web. Be aware. And be careful. Because we need to keep the craft alive. The more courses anyone takes. Is a great reason for them to be offered. Like I stated before. My option thru my union was unavailable by the time I came thru. Due to being phased out in ways and lack of interest from the members too. No one wanted To be a apprentice again. A sad situation. But those That have it in them will find a way. Its Just harder nowdays. Especially in small towns. Appreciate y'alls time. Just be safe And promote and advise smartly. Its not a game. We need This site and All That comes with It. A wealth of knowledge is within the ranks, here. So as the OP wrote. We must all think as to Not lead someone into a dangerous situation. Cause we Never know who will take It incorrectly. Hopefully the folks seeking answer can tell what is what on the feedback.
  19. I'd like to see the clutch pictures, if You took it apart. I'm fixing to redo. A Buffalo No. 0 this fall. Since temps have dropped enough I can stay in the shop longer now. Been a long hot summer in Dixie.
  20. Someone. Had a good cheap Forge design. By using a skillet as the tuyere basically, as. Far as using a brake drum. That's always a great option. I. Have access to all kinds of gravel truck brake drums. Which can be used as a Forge or post vise.bottom stand. You got plenty of Good ideas. Cool design too. You can use That flexible metal pipiring.that folks use to vent dryers or bathroom. Vents fans. To at least get you from the blower to your black pipe. I've done that before. Myself.
  21. I appreciate the info. I wasn't gonna. Take it apart at all. Its Had a recent industrial paint job. That old battleship grey color. I'm gonna paint a flasher color later on. And paint the raised lettering too. Its. Gonna be my show piece of sorts. I use a Gasser to do my work with. I'm just gonna do like y'all said. I'll remove it from the arm off the table. And remove the peckcock valve. And put what y'all suggested thru it. And give it a good flushing. I might take the wife's little shark steam cleaner and shoot thru the hole that the valve came out of. Then blow It out real good with air. That should get any loose stuff And gunk outta there. May squirt some Carb cleaner in there. Too. ? I didn't want to break the seal mommas the housing halves. Cause It runs so well. But a good replacement gasket material, that we use at work on everything. Is Garlock, its a gortex material with a removable tape side. It comes in every size imaginable. We use it on oil pumps And water pumps too. Even use it to seal the wet bottom door to the boiler. That stuff is expensive, I'm sure. But What a great product. Stands up To heat and even fly ash boiling water. Some of you may use it yourselves. its compressable and hasn't let us down yet. But back to the flushing. Like I said. I just got this Forge and blower and althoughh I collect tools and old forges. I only have ever worked on my Buffalo No. 0 blower. Which is Not dealer. It's all under the forge table and uses the long wooden wobble jointed handle to drive the leather belt driven gears. Just happened that my uncle went to a auction a week ago and picked this on up for me. Well, I actually had to talk him out of it. He purchased it the weekend prior to our annual county 30 mile yard sale. So as I go to auctions. And yard sales I'm hopes of finding tools. He goes and finds this Forge and 2 champion post drills to boot. A No. 5 and a No. 200-3. All in great condition too. So the one auction I couldn't go to. That advertised any blacksmith tools. I was left to our counties 30 mile yard sale. It's hard to even get thru town during labor day wkend. They Had over 40 wrecks reported. And McDonald's ran out of food. Couldn't buy a happy meal. That shows how many folks from all over to yard sale that wkend. Its a locals nightmare. But folks rent others yards of hwy 69 to set up there junk. And I have the worst luck on finding any Good deals or seeing what I'm wanting to find. To pull up at my uncle's and there he had this Forge and post drills for sale. So I had to step up to get ahead of the others. But I bought it. All. Think that's why he told me to swing by the Wednesday before it kicked off on Friday before labor day. He's lucky. But he also delivered it all and brought his tractor to unload that 500+ pound Forge and drills for me. So I was very lucky. And he even hauled off some trees that had blown down , this week, after a big storm came thru. and He sold it for exactly what he had in it too. So the moral to my little story. Is. ?? always keep family members involved When your hunting blacksmith tools. Never know who has what. Or where they might know where something Your looking for is at. He did me right. Big time. "! He's like a older brother rather. Than a uncle. But had I not stopped by a few days before that huge yard sale deal. I guarantee it wouldve been sold for sure. I know that didn't apply to the original topic of my post. But thought it was a neat story on how I ended up with that blower So I want to keep it in tip top shape. And Don't want to tear into it. Unless I have to. Not that I can't fix it afterwards. Just like to keep things in good running order. Thanks to anyone that read this far into my rant. Lol I over did It yesterday and pulled something. So kinda just laid up today. And typing Like crazy. Thanks again. I want torture y'all anymore today. Well? At least ,not on this post anymore. I want to go mess with my new toys. But can't today. 4 hernia's and a champion no. 5 post drill. Whipped me yesterday. Gotta cool my jets today. But my texting finger is fine. Like y'all couldn't tell. Have a great wkend my friend. Thanks for the great advice.
  22. My question is. : what is the best thing to flush out the oil reservoir on thus blower. ?? I Just got it home and opened the peacock and didn't get a drop our of it. So seeing how it turns fine. A little growl. But When released, it will still turn a full rotation + I got this Thru a recent auction. And its been well taken care off. And has no leaks. A fresh paint job too. So I hate To break the seal. Was thinking. Why not unscrew the peacock and flush the gear box out with? ? To remove or to find out if I need to open It up at all. ? But wasn't sure, if diesel or paint thinner would be a good flushing. Solution? I will take it off the arm That attaches to the forge table. After putting whatever in there To get the shavings or gunk outta there. Then wash it out real well and. Replace it all. On the arm in the proper position. What is the preferred lubricate to put in these blowers? I've heard everything from ATF, to Power steering fluid. I was wondering about gear oil for lower units on boat motors. I have several boats and always keep plenty of that gear oil on hand. Ans most has some fairly good qualities And provide great protection too. But I want yalls advice And experience on this. I know I'm making a big deal outta it. But I don't care to ever save money on any type of oil That protects my stuff. That's why I do annual oil changes on every thing I own. But never taught about anything past a online flush. But I'm not sure how old this oil is in this blower. So want to blow it out the best I can and know what I have . So any suggestions are welcome and needed. Figure someone has found the perfect thing to clean this gear box out. And I like to put the best stuff back in it. I just didn't ask the seller. Never knew saw him for sure or I would've. So someone help this insomniac , lol Hardest day I've had all week. And hottest. And I'm.wide awake at 3:35. worried about a chief blower. Crazy me. Thanks in advance. Y'all have a Good wkend.
  23. Apple cider vinegar and Dawn dish soap. That is What we wash our dogs in too. Kills fleas and ticks real well and they won't come back. Just add some vinegar and a little soap. To your slack tub. It will not affect Your material either. And will make it smell better for a while anyway. Always thought about those floating disk they sell too. But the vinegar works here in tenn. And I live by the river too. Plenty of skeeters around my parts.
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